Navigating Container Security with AttackIQ’s Optimization Solutions

As businesses continue to adopt container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes for their deployment efficiency and scalability, they also face a growing challenge—securing these environments. Container security is still a developing field, with many organizations just beginning to understand the extent and effectiveness of necessary security controls.

CISA and NSA’s Top 10 Control Misconfigurations? Use BAS and MITRE ATT&CK to Defend Against Them

The National Security Agency (NSA) and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently released their top 10 list of common cybersecurity misconfigurations. Some of these include your standard slew of don’t use default software settings, don’t make weak passwords, and don’t practice poor MFA hygiene. No surprise there for most security teams, but apparently, it’s common enough that they all made the top 10 list of things people do anyway.

Regulatory Revolution: Redefining Global Cybersecurity through Performance-Driven Standards

The landscape of global cybersecurity is undergoing a seismic shift, marked by a fervent departure from traditional compliance-based strategies towards a new era of performance-based fortification. Spearheaded by dynamic changes in the regulatory frameworks of powerhouse economies like the US and EU, this evolution aims not just for compliance checkboxes but tangible security outcomes that defy mounting threats and historical failures in defense mechanisms.

Democratizing the Practice of Adversary Emulation

AttackIQ is democratiziing the practice of threat-informed defense and adversary emulation, including by funding research from the Center for Threat-Informed Defense on micro-emulation planning. Learn more out how we put adversary emulation into practice in the AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform.
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