Security Control Validation

Measure and Validate Your Cybersecurity Readiness

Is Your Cybersecurity Program Ready?

The AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform tests and validates that your security controls are working as intended. It does so in a continuous and automated manner across your security program, using scenarios and assessments aligned to threat intelligence and adversary behaviors in the MITRE ATT&CK® framework. With real-time data on the performance of your controls, you can make smarter decisions and adjustments to your technology, processes, and personnel. The benefits of continuous testing go far beyond security control validation into workforce management, compliance optimization, and investment decision support.

Security Pipeline Validation

The benefits of automated security control validation extends into the whole security pipeline. In managing a security incident, your security operations team needs confidence that they can see and respond efficiently, effectively, and quickly. By using breach and attack simulation, you are able to continuously assess all of your security technology sensors, including event logs, network security controls, and the SIEM, to ensure that every alert is triggering correctly. The net result is a comprehensive understanding of your entire security pipeline performance.

Investment Decision Support

Data generated from automated security control validation helps you determine the state of your assets, where you are getting value (or not), and what your business strategy should be to make the most of your investments. The only way to make these decisions is with a data-driven assessment of how well your controls are working. Using the MITRE ATT&CK® framework and AttackIQ’s Security Optimization Platform, you are able to run automated assessments, study performance data, set a strategy, and decide whether to invest or divest in specific areas to mitigate a discrepancy. By reducing or eliminating the cost of manual red team and penetration testing, you are able to reinvest in new areas to fuel the business.

AttackIQ Vanguard
Solution Brief

AttackIQ provides a white glove managed validation service to help resource-constrained teams achieve cybersecurity effectiveness. AttackIQ Vanguard helps proactively uncover gaps in their security controls and take action on remediation recommendations. Through AttackIQ Vanguard, you receive detailed data analysis and reporting on your program performance that can be shared with red and blue teams, risk and compliance teams, and executive and board members.

Purple Team Operations

A purple team construct aligns the defensive focus of the blue team with the adversary focus of the red team, bringing both teams together to focus on the threats that matter most. Ultimately, it shifts teams from reactive operations to a proactive, threat-informed defense posture. The AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform is driving this transformation. Traditionally, defensive “blue teams” have focused on meeting standards and fixing misconfigurations. By using an automated security control validation platform and adopting a threat-informed defense, blue teams can test controls to ensure they’re working and correct them quickly if they’re not. Automated testing allows red teams to exercise security controls in a light, affordable way to improve effectiveness and efficiency, freeing up personnel to focus on harder issues. When aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, AttackIQ’s Security Optimization Platform enables purple teaming—collaborative testing run by red and blue teams—to share threat information on adversarial tactics, close defensive gaps, and increase performance.

“Breach and attack simulation is a fresh breath of air. You can do that on a weekly basis, which is what we do. So, not only do you turn on a configuration you want to see, “Hey, I just turned on two settings in one of the EDR solutions.” You don’t want to go call our team to come and do that. And you want to be able to quickly check and see if it’s making sense. If it really catches an attack, does it give you a detection or prevention? You can do that with your breach and attack simulation. That’s where it’s more vital to have and testing alongside in anything that you do. And the breach and attack simulation, especially AttackIQ, has provided us a platform to do that on a consistent basis.”

AttackIQ Bolsters Cybersecurity Controls Throughout a Large U.S. Military Service

One of the United States’ largest military services has adopted the AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform to improve its cybersecurity performance and that of the U.S. military as a whole. Why did they do it, and what are their hopes for the platform? “We wanted a tool for continuously assessing the effectiveness of our people and organizations against specific new threats we could see coming down the pike,” according to a U.S. military service capabilities manager.