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AttackIQ Academy

Our mission is to make the world safe for compute, which is why we are passionate about offering free in-depth cybersecurity courses to everyone–whether you are a seasoned security pro or newly-interested enthusiast, there’s something for you. Check out our online classes and learning paths on topics ranging from MITRE ATT&CK to purple teaming to cloud security and more.

Center for Threat-Informed Defense

AttackIQ is a founding member of the Center for Threat-Informed Defense, a non-profit research and development organization operated by MITRE Engenuity with the mission to advance the practice of threat-informed defense. Comprised of organizations with highly sophisticated security teams including Microsoft, Citi, JP Morgan Chase & Co. and HCA Healthcare, the Center builds on MITRE ATT&CK® to help practitioners strengthen their cybersecurity posture.

Purple Hats

You’ve got your red hats, you’ve got your blue hats, but we believe in bringing the two together to create a purple team that collaboratively constructs a threat-informed defense! Our recent, inaugural Purple Hats Conference brought together cybersecurity professionals from around the world to learn about everything from operationalizing the MITRE ATT&CK framework to strategizing around cybersecurity readiness and resilience, and much more. Watch the sessions on YouTube and be sure to join us for our next Purple Hats Conference!


Get insights into what CISOs today are focusing on when it comes to cybersecurity trends, teams, investments, and more. This hub features both short-form and long-form content to suit your schedule and needs.

Informed Defenders Council

Established with the goal of sharing transformational technologies, organizational skills, and defense best practices, the Informed Defenders Council is comprised of cybersecurity and technology leaders across industries and continents.

Learn more about these influential members that are helping shape the future of cybersecurity.

Informed Defenders Council

Giving Back

We’re committed to serving our cybersecurity community and giving back to the communities around us, too.