AttackIQ Preactive Partner Program

Elevating client security and instilling faith in their cyber investments.

Why Partner with AttackIQ?

Expand Opportunities & Profitability

Uncover new revenue opportunities that pull through your other high-value products and services.

Drive Customer Loyalty & Success

Set your customer up for success by helping them truly know their risk exposure.

Enable Differentiation

Partners can differentiate by providing cost efficient, highly scalable, advanced cyber security testing.

Join AttackIQ’s Preactive Partner Program to unlock continuous security validation — elevating client security and instilling faith in their cyber investments. Whether you’re an MSSP hungry for cutting-edge offerings, a reseller in search of innovation, or an ISV seeking seamless integrations — AttackIQ equips you with the expertise and resources to empower your clients with unwavering confidence against the latest threats.

Ways We Partner


Join AttackIQ’s partner program and take our products and services to market as an MSSP partner, utilizing a streamlined SaaS model. We have multiple partner levels to fit any MSSP partner to minimize operational overhead while maximizing sales and profitability. We provide the necessary systems for complete control and management of your customers’ managed security services. Our strategic commitment to supporting MSSP partners is crucial for mutual business growth in our combined market.

For VARs/Channel Partners

AttackIQ is committed to building successful and profitable engagement models with our partners. AttackIQ understands the value of partnerships. We work side-by-side with our partners to build mutually profitable sales strategies, open new markets, and close opportunities. We’ve armed our sales and field engineering teams with the technical and marketing resources to make this a winning proposition.

Our VARs/Channel Partners

For Tech Alliances and System Integrators

Elevate your business by joining AttackIQ’s Partner Program as a technology alliance or system integrator. Seamlessly integrate your tech into our innovative security solutions, gaining visibility in a broader market. Leverage our extensive network to reach potential clients and provide added coverage to mutual customers. As a valued partner, access resources, training, and support to maximize your technology’s impact in the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Our Tech Alliances and System Integrators

For Cyberinsurers

Most cyber insurance firms that “pen the policy” rely on questionnaires completed by prospective policy holders to make a risk informed decision on underwriting the policy.   In today’s modern times and with ever-changing cyber threats, cyber insurance firms can leverage actual data to validate policy holders’ security posture effectiveness to make better risk informed decisions when underwriting such policies.   With AttackIQ, we empower cyber insurers with a continuous security assessment to provide accurate policy coverage to their clients and more importantly reduce or prevent any claims from their clients.

Partner Academy

We provide resources to help partners succeed in positioning AttackIQ solutions and equipping partners to deliver cyber defense strategies to clients.

Rewarding Commitment to AttackIQ

AttackIQ welcomes partners to achieve new levels of success along with associated sales and marketing benefits. Learn more by joining the AttackIQ Preactive Partner Program.

Preactive Certified

This is the entry-level into the Partner Program. This has minimum requirements and partners will have access to resources to grow their capabilities and achieve key targets to get promoted to the next tier.

Preactive Preferred

This partner level is for those partners that have committed to a joint business development plan with aligned revenue goals with AttackIQ and receive key sales and marketing benefits offered by AttackIQ.

Preactive Premier

This is an invitation-only tier for custom and/or unique partnerships with AttackIQ. These partners are committed to growing the business and partnership with AttackIQ.