AttackIQ offers the first live remote testing platform that continuously challenges your security assumptions.

ATTACKIQ is Named Gartner "Cool Vendor" in Monitoring and Management of Threats to Applications and Data, 2017



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Ebook - Security In The Age Of Constant Change

A case for Continuous Security Validation

A new approach for combating ever-evolving cyber security threats


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Get clear, data-driven assurances that your security products, people, and processes in your network are working as expected.


Why AttackIQ

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent annually on cyber security; yet we have zero assurance that what we’ve deployed will work as promised.

AttackIQ was built to provide that assurance.

- Stephan Chenette, co-founder of AttackIQ
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AttackIQ's FireDrillTM

AttackIQ purpose-built the FireDrill SaaS platform to easily integrate into any existing network to almost immediately identify security gaps and provide actionable insight to improve your security posture.


Continually challenge your network with AttackIQ’s curated inventory of attack and validation scenarios.


Justify current and future IT spending using direct measurements of your infrastructure.


Build in-house security expertise by encapsulating your best practices in the platform.