Testing for everyone.

Your needs, your budget, your way.

AttackIQ is the industry leading provider of breach and attack simulation products for security control validation. AttackIQ emulates adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures, aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and provides visibility into your security program performance with clear data-driven analysis and mitigation guidance.

At AttackIQ, we get that every organization has different testing needs. That’s why we’ve designed products fit for your unique needs: Enterprise, Ready!, and Flex. So, whether you’re new to security testing, want someone to manage it for you, or just need some help running it yourself, we’ve got your six.

Testing for everyone.

Which product is right for you?

Ready! + Flex

The freedom to run tests anywhere with Flex, on demand, and at any time, to extend your Ready! capabilities.

Extend the Range of Your Service

Scale testing when and where you need it to get immediate answers to security questions.

Test Remote Networks Quickly

Validate security at remote locations where agents are not feasible or can’t be easily deployed and managed.

Answer Threat-Specific Questions On-Demand

With a Ready! + Flex combination, test new threats within days of their emergence to meet leadership/ board requirements.

Automate Manual Testing for Faster Insights

Comprehensive library of attacker TTPs to effectively reduce the manual steps required for running tests, eliminating previously tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming processes.

Actionable Results for Continuous Improvement

Real-time performance data across the cyber kill chain with results you can understand. AttackIQ offers mitigation guidance for enhancing critical security controls, like endpoint detection and response, next-generation firewalls, and cloud security, alongside seamless integration with ATT&CK for streamlined risk identification.

Emulate with Realism

Security testing is only effective if it is realistic, not performed in a lab. AttackIQ tests in production environments with real world attack scenarios built by our team of industry leading researchers and security practitioners. Testing includes packet capture replay (PCAP) testing, atomic testing, and multi-stage attack flows.

Self Service Full Service Customer Managed

AttackIQ Flex

Validation you run on your own.

AttackIQ Ready!

Validation we run for you.

AttackIQ Enterprise

Validation we run with you.

Testing Method Self-Service
Managed Service
(Agentless & Agent-based)
Frequency of Testing On-Demand Automated Weekly & On-Demand Automated (Anytime) & On-Demand
Security Control Baseline Validation
Threat Emulation
PCAP Replay
Cyber Hygiene Check
Reporting and Remediation Guidance
Detection Engineering
Adversary Library Content N/A Partial Full
Agent-based Testing Scope N/A Up to 10 test points Up to 500 test points
Consulting Access
AttackIQ Notebooks Add-on
Customizable Dashboards
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“We used AttackIQ’s scenarios for Log4j and the Ukrainian conflict. I’m always grateful that AttackIQ is in the war rooms at short notice. We can trust AttackIQ to share content from recent cyberthreats, and it’s awesome when these releases come out because I can tell people we already tested that.”