Cloud Security Optimization

Test your cloud security capabilities continuously to ensure that your assets and data centers are defended against the threats that matter most.

Bring Order to Cloud Testing Chaos

Organizations have moved rapidly to the cloud without a real strategy for ensuring security effectiveness. Proper configuration of cloud security controls is critical yet challenging due to their complexity. Misconfigured cloud security controls are a common cause of security breaches, but they are difficult to detect without proper validation and monitoring, leaving companies in the blind.

The AttackIQ Cloud Security Optimization solution for AWS and Azure—now available in the AttackIQ Platform by navigating to the Blueprints—can help take your organization’s cybersecurity program to its next level of maturity with proper coverage against cloud threats, and the required validation of cloud security controls and services.

“Since its publication in 2015, the MITRE ATT&CK® framework has become the common language describing real-world adversary behaviors. With the advent of zero trust architectures, it is even more critical that everyone in an organization is working from the same playbook of actual threats. The shared understanding of how adversaries operate provided by ATT&CK is essential – from the design of secure systems through the continuous evaluation of the effectiveness of security controls and capabilities.”

Boundary Posture Management

AttackIQ launched its Boundary Posture Management module to help customers better validate their advanced security technologies. The Boundary Posture Management moduel supports end-to-end validation of boundary-deployed security controls and gives technology-specific remediation guidance, ensuring that customers get the most out of their cyberdefense investments. No matter the defense technology type — including those based on complex, behavioral models — AttackIQ provides unique insights into the state of a customer’s total security program from boundary to endpoint, on-premises or in the cloud. And it does so with industry-leading ease of use.