Real-time Cybersecurity Readiness.

Get your cybersecurity program tested against real-world threats, optimized for effectiveness, and ready for future attacks.

What is Cybersecurity Readiness?

Security controls are composed of people, processes, and technologies, and absent regular testing against real-world threats, there is no way to ensure they will perform as intended when the time comes. Legacy manual testing practices are sporadic and provide insufficient coverage to ensure effectiveness. A strong breach and attack simulation platform emulates the adversary and generates real-time data to help identify control failures, resolve structural weaknesses, and make smart investment decisions.

The average CISO has over 75 security controls to manage across an increasingly complex security enterprise.

Verizon estimates that 82% of enterprise breaches should have been stopped by existing security controls but weren’t.

When cybersecurity controls fail, either through misconfiguration or operational execution, they fail silently.

An Untested Cybersecurity Program
Is A Risk To Your Business

Untested cybersecurity programs are a risk to your business if they fail to stop ransomware or other cyberattacks. Even with the most advanced cyberdefense technologies, controls can fail due to technology misconfiguration, team performance, or capability gaps.


Technologies change constantly through policy updates, new investments, and integrations, and therefore need to be validated regularly to resolve any potential misconfigurations.


Cybersecurity teams have grown in size, complexity, and importance in the last decade, and need to exercise regularly and operate under a purple team construct to perform at their best.

Capability Gaps

Adversaries use known tactics, techniques, and procedures to attack your data, and with automated testing you can find the defensive gaps that adversaries seek to exploit.

Modernize Your Testing and Posture Management

In just a few clicks you can take steps to defend yourself against advanced attackers and achieve security readiness. Elevate your readiness by validating your security controls, improving team performance, and identifying capability gaps through regular automated adversary emulation.

“You need to understand your capabilities at the level AttackIQ makes possible, in order to have your people, processes, and technologies prepared for advanced and emerging threats.”

– Kumar Chandramoulie, Vice President, Cyberdefense, Data, and Threat Management, AmerisourceBergen

Leadership in the Cybersecurity Community

You get much more than a product with AttackIQ, not just the industry’s leading breach and attack simulation platform. AttackIQ’s founding research partnership with MITRE Engenuity’s Center for Threat-Informed Defense helps educate the public about adversary behaviors and elevates cyberdefense effectiveness. As the only breach and attack simulation company within the Center for Threat-Informed Defense, AttackIQ works with leading global companies to research, develop, and field-test advanced concepts in adversary emulation to achieve cybersecurity readiness. AttackIQ also works closely with industry partners through its Preactive Security Exchange to help improve defenses, and offers free advanced cybersecurity training through the award-winning AttackIQ Academy.

"The more I see of the AttackIQ solution, the more impressed I am. Its integration with MITRE ATT&CK allows us to take a real-world attack scenario, understand each of the attack's components, and then unit-test those individual components in our environment."
- Senior Information Security Analyst, Leading National Bank
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