AttackIQ Security
Optimization Platform

Breach and attack simulation to validate your cybersecurity readiness.

Trusted by everyone from Fortune 10 to global 2000 to the U.S. government and allied governments all over the world, AttackIQ’s Security Optimization Platform emulates the adversary with realism to test your security program, generating real-time performance data to improve your security posture.

Untested Cyberdefenses Need to Face Realistic Adversary Emulations

To be effective, an automated security control validation platform needs to reflect adversary behavior in the real world and test security controls outside of a lab. Security teams need data rooted in reality, and clear mitigation guidance to make changes.

The AttackIQ Operational Resilience Testing Lifecycle

AttackIQ puts MITRE ATT&CK into practice, delivering real security and business outcomes.

Test the cyberdefenses that matter most to you, generating real-time performance data about your security control performance to fix misconfigurations, find efficiencies, and maximize ROI.

Partnership with MITRE ATT&CK

AttackIQ Testing Modalities

  • Test at scale against multiple threats, in production, tailored to your needs.
  • Test atomically — every hour, day, week, or month — with AttackIQ’s open API
  • Test with our state-of-the-art attack graphs with specificity
    and realism.
  • Test boundary controls with AttackIQ’s unique packet capture (PCAP) replay.
  • Test at the beginning, middle, and end of an adversary campaign.

Validate Key Technologies

AttackIQ has deep partnerships across the cybersecurity industry to validate key controls.

  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Anti-Virus
  • Data Loss Prevention, and more.

Performance Analysis

  • Generate data about control performance at a single point in time or over time.
  • Measure performance against key threats in MITRE ATT&CK.
  • Test critical controls and analyze and report metrics with
    Jupyter notebooks.

Real Business Outcomes

  • Discover savings and efficiencies in the millions of dollars from team efficiency.
  • Speed up time to detection, detection engineering, and gap analysis.
  • Enterprises have saved an average of $4.7 million through purple team operations.
  • Learn more about the business benefits of testing through the IDC analysis.

“AttackIQ provides a comprehensive automation platform with a SaaS agent-based deployment architecture, a broad and diverse scenario library, and an open architecture. All of this gave us a fast time to value.”

– Security Leader at a Non-Profit Financial Institution

AttackIQ Informed Defense Architecture

Test Your Cyberdefenses With Realism and Specificity.

Tests AI/ML-based Technologies

  • Features the Anatomic Engine, designed from the ground-up to test ML/AI-based cybersecurity technologies.
  • Combines the industry’s leading atomic testing capabilities with the most comprehensive adversary emulation capabilities on the market. 
  • Makes it easy for operators to recreate and evoke complex, multi-stage adversary campaigns that reflect the adversary.
  • Chains attacks together in a graph, allowing organizations to visually measure their defenses against a series of attacks.

Test Boundary Security

  • Generates clear boundary security performance data and identifies gaps in your overall security posture
  • Analyzes command and control, protocol enforcement, and DLP monitoring capabilities, among others
  • Runs a mix of atomic tests, PCAP replays, inbound email attacks, and outbound data exfiltration
  • Operates at scale and in production across your security program
  • Delivers the most comprehensive testing available, at the beginning, middle, and end of the kill-chain.

“Small organizations can use breach and attack simulation solutions such as AttackIQ to leapfrog past older technologies and get more bang for their buck. Larger organizations can save time and money and reallocate people to work on more sophisticated problems and more critical systems.”

– Chief Information Security Officer in a U.S. State Government

AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform Features


Aggregate results from multiple assessments, and offer a fast way to gain insights by MITRE ATT&CK, security control, and asset groups mapped to specific adversary behaviors.


Created from a rich library or from scratch. Allow you to rapidly execute scenarios across the kill chain. Can be scheduled for continuous awareness of your defensive posture.


Tests are the components of an assessment that evaluate your defensive performance for a specific objective against a multi-faceted adversary campaign.


Code-based compilations of adversary behavior built into the AttackIQ platform. Our library includes thousands of scenarios or you can create your own to capture a specific TTP.


Easy to generate and offer rapid insight into the details of a specific assessment, and can reflect on security control changes over time, in a specific location or enterprise-wide.


Clear recommendations are generated to help users make rapid security posture.


Rapidly acquire the evidence of security control functions both directly from the security technology, as well as from the visibility platforms, like SIEMs and log managers.


Systems with the AttackIQ agent that can execute scenarios and tests. The platform supports common versions of operating systems in use today, with a small footprint.

Pre-Configured Agents

Immediately communicate with the platform without any additional configuration required. Set up once and deploy everywhere.

Scenarios by the Numbers

Below are some of the ways customers use our scenarios by threat actor, ransomware family, and NIST security control.

Top 20 Scenarios
Run by Threat Actor

Top 10 Scenarios
Run by Ransomware

Top 20 NIS
Controls Exercised

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