How AttackIQ Can Bolster CORA Compliance in the Federal Government

Federal agencies need strong security controls and continuous compliance. The Cyber Operational Readiness Assessment (CORA) by the DHS and industry partners enhances critical infrastructure resilience against cyber threats. Read More

In the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, federal agencies face a growing imperative to ensure robust security controls and continuous compliance. One critical framework in this regard is the Cyber Operational Readiness Assessment  (CORA) – a collaborative effort between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and industry partners to enhance the resilience of critical infrastructure against cyber threats.

On March 1, 2024, the Joint Force Headquarters – Department of Defense Information Network (JFHQ-DODIN) established the CORA program. On February 27, John Porter, director of DODIN readiness and security inspections, noted in a media briefing that “We really believe that this (CORA) is something that is going to be revolutionary when it comes to assessing the command, as well as the Department of Defense, and being able to harden the overall DODIN.” Porter further noted that, “CORA has become a more agile process, encouraging and enabling adjustments based upon current threats. This allows organizations to focus their mitigation efforts on risk and exposure to common adversaries. Focusing on these essential remediation points allows DOD components to concentrate limited resources and staffing on correcting high-risk areas or areas that matter most.”

Why CORA? CORA is a critical and important component of the DOD’s cyber security strategy and the goal of supporting continuous holistic assessments. The new CORA model allows organizations to be more flexible, agile, and response to threats in a highly dynamic yet unpredictable environment. CORA also considers risk factors for defensive cyber operations, including specific actions taken on the network in response to intelligence, threats, or incidents.

As federal agencies work to align their security posture with CORA guidelines, the AttackIQ platform can serve as a powerful ally in strengthening their compliance efforts. Here’s how:

  1. Continuous Validation of Security Controls. The core premise of CORA is to enable federal agencies to validate the efficacy of their security controls on an ongoing basis. AttackIQ’s breach and attack simulation capabilities allow agencies to continuously test their defenses against the latest cyber threats, identifying gaps and weaknesses before they can be exploited.
  2. Automated Assessments and Reporting. By automating the process of security control validation, AttackIQ streamlines the arduous task of CORA compliance assessments. The platform generates detailed reports that demonstrate an agency’s security posture, helping them meet the framework’s documentation and reporting requirements.
  3. Alignment with MITRE ATT&CK Framework: CORA closely aligns with the MITRE ATT&CK framework, which serves as a comprehensive knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques. AttackIQ’s platform is natively integrated with MITRE ATT&CK, enabling federal agencies to assess their defenses against the same threat scenarios and indicators used in the CORA framework.
  4. Collaborative Threat Intelligence. CORA emphasizes the importance of sharing threat intelligence among federal agencies and industry partners. AttackIQ’s community-driven approach allows agencies to collaborate, exchange insights, and collectively strengthen their cybersecurity posture in the face of evolving threats.
  5. Actionable Insights for Improvement. By identifying security gaps and the effectiveness of existing controls, AttackIQ provides federal agencies with actionable insights to enhance their overall security maturity. This enables them to prioritize remediation efforts and make informed decisions to bolster their CORA compliance.

As federal agencies navigate the complexities of CORA, the AttackIQ platform emerges as a valuable tool in their cybersecurity arsenal. By validating security controls, automating assessments, and fostering collaboration, AttackIQ helps federal agencies demonstrate their commitment to strengthening the resilience of critical infrastructure against cyber threats.

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