AttackIQ Mission Control: Streamlining Security Operations for Faster Remediation and ROI

AttackIQ recently launched AttackIQ Mission Control, a powerful new feature within AttackIQ Enterprise designed to streamline security control testing for large organizations with decentralized teams. Effective security control testing empowers businesses to reduce risk, improve efficiency, and maximize the return on investment (ROI) of their cybersecurity programs. Read More

Challenges of Centralized BAS in Large Organizations

As large organizations expand their use of Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) platforms, it can be challenging to ensure uniformity of mission across distributed departments, locations, and business units. Less technical personnel may face challenges with system administration and to their full potential. This can slow down the overall benefit organizations derive from BAS technology.

Furthermore, delayed remediation of identified vulnerabilities can significantly diminish program ROI. While continuous security validation effectively finds problems, slow response times not only fail to address risks promptly but ultimately also consume additional resources.

AttackIQ Mission Control: A Streamlined Approach

AttackIQ Mission Control enables security teams to seamlessly orchestrate control testing across distributed departments, geographic locations, or business units.

Here’s the benefit: administrators can easily designate these business entities, allowing assigned reviewers to focus solely on the assessments specific to their area. This targeted approach translates to more efficient security gap identification and faster remediation. Once reviewers address security issues in their environment, they can simply rerun the assessments and track improvements through a clear scoring system.

AttackIQ Mission Control goes beyond basic testing. It empowers reviewers with actionable insights. The platform provides clear analytics that show coverage and success by MITRE ATT&CK tactics, highlighting the most critical areas for improvement. This includes the top tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) not currently prevented or detected by your security posture. This information is conveniently available through a dedicated test summary dashboard and reports. This simplified environment fosters faster user adoption and quicker response times to identified security vulnerabilities, ultimately strengthening your overall security posture.

AttackIQ Mission Control empowers organizations to continuously improve their security posture faster. Business entities allow for faster analysis, remediation, and validation of security controls across different departments or locations. This targeted approach is further enhanced by actionable data – users gain valuable insights from comprehensive analytics that pinpoint areas for improvement. Additionally, simplified administration makes setup a breeze. Administrators can quickly create business entities, assign relevant assessments, and designate reviewers. This translates to a localized user experience – each user works within a dedicated workspace focused on their specific security area, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency. Ultimately, AttackIQ Mission Control allows teams to address security issues faster, driving reduced risk and a better return on investment.

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A Unique Offering in BAS

AttackIQ Mission Control stands out in the BAS industry by providing a more user-friendly and effective way to leverage continuous security validation. This empowers security teams to analyze, remediate, and continuously improve their organization’s security posture at an accelerated pace.


Talk to us! AttackIQ Mission Control is available now for existing AttackIQ Enterprise customers. Check it out! Learn more at or schedule a demo by contacting [email protected].