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Tainted Defenses: Emulating Gallium’s Operation Tainted Love

Though the band Soft Cell may be considered a one-hit wonder with their 1981 hit song “Tainted Love”, the same cannot be said for Gallium, a Chinese-based threat actor that has continued to wreak havoc in the Middle Eastern telecommunications sector for over a decade now. Their most recent cyberespionage campaign? Operation Tainted Love.

Combatting Kimsuky and Safeguarding National Intelligence

In the covert realm of cyberspace, a formidable adversary has emerged – a state-sponsored, North Korean group known as Kimsuky. Their clandestine operations are not motivated by profit, but by the pursuit of state secrets and strategic intelligence for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPKR).

Content Filtering: Your Network’s Digital Bouncer

As newer and more sophisticated threats continue to enter today’s cyber landscape, content filtering remains a tried-and-true tool that aids organizations in threat prevention, regulatory compliance, network security and policy enforcement by controlling and managing the type of content users can access or share based on defined criteria. Making sure these policies work is critical in preventing insider threats and maintaining compliance with corporate usage policies.

Securing Remote Networks with AttackIQ Flex

The rise of remote work, branch networks, and the entwining of IoT and OT systems have created vast network footprints, making identifying vulnerabilities more challenging than ever. Cyber threats loom large, and with the stakes higher than ever, ensuring your defenses are impervious is paramount.
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