Securing Remote Networks with AttackIQ Flex

The rise of remote work, branch networks, and the entwining of IoT and OT systems have created vast network footprints, making identifying vulnerabilities more challenging than ever. Cyber threats loom large, and with the stakes higher than ever, ensuring your defenses are impervious is paramount. Read More

Challenges in Remote Network Testing

Testing remote networks presents a myriad of challenges. With diverse global locations, each adhering to distinct policies and security testing methods, maintaining uniformity becomes an uphill battle. Moreover, energy, utilities providers, and manufacturers, with their global operations and varied IT and OT systems, are particularly susceptible to cyber threats. Defenders have to patch every hole, attackers only need a single opening.

One striking example of the vulnerability of such sectors was illuminated during the Iranian nation-state-sponsored ransomware attack by “OilRig” or APT 34. This sophisticated group targeted a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to telecommunications, energy, and government. Their tactics included not only proven social engineering attacks but also potent supply chain compromises. However, the silver lining is that the majority of successful attacks, including OilRig’s, often follow a predictable playbook.

The Only Constant is Change: Continuous Testing

To identify your organization’s vulnerabilities and gaps, you must test continuously. While this concept is easy in theory, it’s far more challenging in practice. Even large organizations with abundant resources find it difficult to maintain this persistence.

But here’s where AttackIQ Flex steps in to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

AttackIQ Flex: Your Trusted Ally

AttackIQ Flex is not just a product; it’s your ally in the battle for network security. Let’s explore how this innovative solution can change the game for you:

  1. Swift Deployment: AttackIQ Flex empowers you to deploy test packages swiftly to any location within your network infrastructure. Whether you’re onboarding a new branch office or securing a remote workforce, AttackIQ Flex has got you covered.
  2. Cutting-Edge Emulation: It offers regularly curated, self-contained adversary emulation packages based on the latest threat research. These packages are designed to mimic the tactics and techniques employed by real-world threat actors, enabling your organization to validate its security controls against these ever-evolving threats.
  3. Comprehensive Insights: AttackIQ Flex doesn’t stop at identifying weaknesses. It provides detailed security control performance metrics and suggests effective mitigations. This equips your security teams with a comprehensive understanding of your defense’s strength and enables rapid response to threats, minimizing the window of exposure.

Are You Ready to Test Your Defenses?

AttackIQ Flex’s mission goes beyond merely identifying vulnerabilities; it’s about preparing organizations for active defense. It’s about being ready to thwart real-world adversaries and ensuring the fortitude of your digital assets.

To demonstrate our commitment to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity, we proudly introduce a fully-contained adversary emulation of OilRig or APT34, Iran’s state-sponsored adversary group. This showcases our dedication to your security.

In a world where network security is paramount, AttackIQ Flex stands as your unwavering sentinel, ready to defend and fortify your digital assets. Access the future of network security now.