The Uncharted Waters of Cloud Security Optimization

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Organizations have moved rapidly to the cloud without a real strategy for ensuring security effectiveness. Proper configuration of cloud security controls is critical yet challenging due to their complexity. Misconfigured cloud security controls are a common cause of security breaches, but they are difficult to detect without proper validation and monitoring, leaving companies in the blind.

The rapidly changing threat landscape makes it even more challenging to keep up with the latest security threats and ensure that cloud security controls and services are properly configured to protect against them.

Bring Order to Cloud Testing Chaos With the AttackIQ Platform

The AttackIQ Cloud Security Optimization solution – available with the latest version of the AttackIQ Platform (simply navigate to the Blueprints section and search for Cloud Content for AWS or Azure), can help take your organization’s cybersecurity program to its next level of maturity with proper coverage against cloud threats, and the required validation of cloud security controls and services.

AttackIQ’s Cloud Security Optimization solution includes a wide range of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures that are specifically targeted at AWS and Azure cloud environments. Running these Attacks from the AttackIQ platform will not only let customers know if their cloud environment is protected against these threats, but also if cloud security controls can detect these attacks when they take place.

No Previous Expertise? No Problem.

Because it takes a detailed and iterative cybersecurity program to continuously test whether your cloud assets are properly protected, covering tasks such as reporting results to the executive level and implementing mitigations, we have built Cloud Security Optimization Blueprints. Cloud Security Optimization Blueprints guide you through the complete process of validating AWS and Azure Cloud security controls, all the way from initial setup to the automatic generation of reports—making it a seamless process, even if you have no prior Cloud testing expertise.

Automate Your AWS and Azure Security Controls Validation!

The AttackIQ Platform includes a set of features to help you leverage the AWS and Azure content now included in the platform. You can also learn more details about the specific AWS and Azure content now available in the AttackIQ Platform by watching these videos: