Teamwork Making the Dream Work!

Why I’m Particularly Proud AttackIQ Made the 2021 Fortune Great Place to Work List Read More

I’ve been a proud AttackIQ employee for 2 years, and while I enjoy each day and its new adventures, there are some days where I’m particularly proud to be a part of the organization.

Today is one of those days. I’m pleased to announce that this week we were named one of the Fortune Best Small and Medium Workplaces of 2021—#72 out of 100 to be exact! Previously we had placed #26 just for the Bay Area region, so being on this new nation-wide list of Great Place to Work businesses is truly an honor.

And the best part is what we hear our own employees saying. 91% of employees at AttackIQ say it’s a great place to work compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. 98% of employees said when you join you’re made to feel welcome. We see a reflection of the “one team” mentality we strive to uphold as a company value in our survey results as well. One survey participant summed up our culture of appreciation perfectly: “We trust each other, and there is a unique balance of respect and genuine kindness as professionals.” I personally feel wonderful to see things like, “comfortable,” “community,” “team,” and “happy” as terms associated with our organization in our survey word cloud. (And “extra-awesome” made me smile too!)

What is it that I think sets us apart? We keep the focus on people. Here are just a few ways we did that this past year:

  • Fully remote workforce offering the greatest work-life flexibility, reducing emissions related to commuting to a physical office, and alleviating employee health concerns of working in a physical environment as we continue to battle against the COVID virus and variants.
  • A monetary contribution for every employee to spruce up their at-home workspace to make it more ergonomic, peaceful, or functional.
  • Extra wellness days to help alleviate the stress of working, parenting, and maintaining a household in the midst of a global crisis
  • Connecting global teams and making the company feel cohesive through contests and all-hands meetings wherein folks share pictures of where they live, hobbies they enjoy, exotic dishes they’ve cooked, and more. (In my case, I was proud to show my pickleball achievements! I think it’s telling that in the word cloud above we see “remote” alongside “community” and “family.”
  • Co-worker kudos via our Bonusly platform, where you can offer a certain number of points to team members that went above and beyond that they can then exchange for rewards.
  • Sharing our employee stories and giving a glimpse into their world through our #WeAreAttackIQ posts on social media. (You can see them on our LinkedIn or Twitter feeds!)

In addition to making sure our internal folks are able to be effective in their jobs and love their jobs at the same time, we also focus as a company on spreading that love and giving back to our communities.

  • We’re dedicated to offering in-depth, free cybersecurity education to both seasoned and aspiring cybersecurity professionals via our AttackIQ Academy.
  • We run programs that actively contribute to causes we care about including supporting families of fallen soldiers, girls in tech, and the next generation of technology professionals.

Ultimately, we’re all proud to be carrying out our company mission to make the world safe for compute. To see our workforce enjoying the ride is the icing on the cake.

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