New Solution Anticipates Where and When Adversaries Will Strike, Enabling Enterprises to Proactively Identify and Address Weaknesses in their Defense Capabilities 

SAN DIEGO AttackIQ, the leading independent vendor of continuous security validation solutions, today announced the company was chosen by NTT Ltd. to collaboratively provide a leading Predictive Threat Intelligence solution. Together, AttackIQ and NTT have built a strong global partnership allowing customers to reduce risk by taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

The Predictive Threat Intelligence solution helps organizations anticipate where and when adversaries will strike based on real-world threats. With this proactive approach, companies can improve operational readiness to prevent attacks or stop them in their tracks. Organizations are provided with a complete picture of their digital risk which allows them to maximize cybersecurity investments, prioritize remediation and align appropriate resources to address real risks facing their business.

“Companies are driving constant innovation and are rapidly increasing their digital footprint, as well as their potential attack surface, as a result,” said Dan Sibille, vice president of worldwide channels at AttackIQ. “Due to information overload and lack of resources, security teams are playing a reactive game and can only validate a fraction of their security solutions and controls. We are proud to have been selected by NTT Ltd. to provide global clients with a complete picture of their digital risk as well as the tools needed to predict and prevent cyber attacks.”

The Predictive Threat Intelligence solution analyzes the maturity levels of an organization’s security policies or processes for breach detection and regular execution of active breach scenarios, by validating security architecture and control effectiveness to discover holes in an environment, before an attacker does. An actionable roadmap is then provided to help protect, detect, and respond to breaches more effectively.

“Enterprises can have appropriate cybersecurity defenses in place to protect their business 99 percent of the time, but cyber criminals only need to discover and exploit that remaining one percent in order to do tremendous damage,” said Matt Gyde, CEO of the Security Division, NTT. “To stay ahead of this, companies must be able to evaluate their current state of cyber readiness and build a mature cybersecurity program that meets the needs of a rapidly-evolving threat landscape. We chose to partner with AttackIQ because it provides organizations continuous security validation, a critical component to helping our customers understand how their existing security controls and processes stack up against real threats facing their business, and helps prioritize weaknesses and vulnerabilities in need of remediation.”

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About AttackIQ

AttackIQ, a leader in the emerging market of continuous security validation, built the industry’s first platform that enables red and blue teams to test and measure the effectiveness of their security controls and staff. With an open platform, AttackIQ supports the MITRE ATT&CK framework, a curated knowledge base and model for cyber adversary behavior used for planning security improvements and verifying defenses work as expected. AttackIQ’s platform is trusted by leading companies around the world. For more information visit Follow AttackIQ on TwitterFacebookLinkedInVimeo, and YouTube.

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