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Gootloader Attacks Healthcare Down Under

In the vast landscape of Australia, the healthcare sector faces mounting challenges in the realm of cybersecurity. Threat actors are increasingly setting their sights on healthcare institutions, exploiting vulnerabilities with cunning precision. Join us as we uncover the recent cyberattack by Gootloader on the Australian healthcare sector and delve into the critical importance of robust cybersecurity defenses in safeguarding patient data and vital healthcare services.

Target Locked: Operation Sharpshooter

Operation Sharpshooter was a significant cyberattack by the Lazarus Group, targeting critical industries like finance, energy, and defense. Dive into the details of the attack and its implications and explore how AttackIQ Flex can assist in testing and strengthening your cybersecurity defenses.

Intercept the Adversary: Lazarus Group – Operation In(ter)ception

Operation In(ter)ception reveals Lazarus Group's 2019 cyber campaign targeting military and aerospace organizations in Europe and the Middle East. Delve into the attacker's tactics on LinkedIn, their covert infiltration methods, and the complexities of their persistence strategies. Discover how AttackIQ Flex can empower your organization to fortify their defenses against such sophisticated threats through the use of agentless emulation testing.

Beneath the Shadows: DarkGate

Join us as we uncover DarkGate, a malevolent force that strikes fear into the hearts of organizations worldwide. DarkGate has morphed into a sophisticated adversary, utilizing Drive-by Downloads and DanaBot deployment to wreak havoc. But fear not! With AttackIQ Flex at your side, you'll be equipped to wage war against these digital demons and emerge victorious in the fight for cybersecurity supremacy.

The Shape Shifting Cameleon: QakBot

QakBot, also recognized as Qbot, Quackbot, Pinkslipbot, and TA570, has etched its name among other cyber threats, leaving a trail of thousands of malware infections globally. Dive in as we explore QakBot’s genesis, its evolution, some specific tactics used and how you can test your defenses against them with AttackIQ Flex.

Dream Job, or Is It?

In the summer of 2020, ClearSky, a venture capital and growth equity firm investing in innovative companies in the cybersecurity and sustainable energy sectors, investigated into a campaign dubbed "Dream Job," highly likely attributed to North Korea's Lazarus Group.

GootLoader: Unloaded

GootLoader, a stealthy JavaScript-based downloader, has posed a persistent threat to Windows-based systems since 2020. In this article, we'll delve into who Gootloader is and how organizations can effectively emulate and test against this threat using AttackIQ Flex, a powerful agentless breach and attack simulation tool. The exciting part? You can sign up for AttackIQ Flex for free, providing you with an opportunity to outsmart this digital menace.

Tainted Defenses: Emulating Gallium’s Operation Tainted Love

Though the band Soft Cell may be considered a one-hit wonder with their 1981 hit song “Tainted Love”, the same cannot be said for Gallium, a Chinese-based threat actor that has continued to wreak havoc in the Middle Eastern telecommunications sector for over a decade now. Their most recent cyberespionage campaign? Operation Tainted Love.

Content Filtering: Your Network’s Digital Bouncer

As newer and more sophisticated threats continue to enter today’s cyber landscape, content filtering remains a tried-and-true tool that aids organizations in threat prevention, regulatory compliance, network security and policy enforcement by controlling and managing the type of content users can access or share based on defined criteria. Making sure these policies work is critical in preventing insider threats and maintaining compliance with corporate usage policies.
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