Enhancing Cybersecurity Resilience

EDR testing is a critical component of maintaining a bulletproof defense posture, but it doesn’t have to be hard to do. Read More

The Crucial Significance of EDR Testing with AttackIQ Flex

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is one of your first lines of defense against cyber-attacks. Still, every victim of a breach had some EDR deployed. In fact, they only really work against the most important threats 39% of the time.

And that’s because they usually aren’t configured properly or have out-of-date security policies. This is a shame because organizations have spent over $2 Billion on products that clearly aren’t working.

Why is there such a big gap?

There’s no shortage of great cyber security products – the key is ensuring they’re doing their job: that EDR policies are accurate and reflect the latest threat trends and configurations follow best practices. A home security system would only work if it was turned on, and I’m sure you’ve tried to test it after you installed it.

The complexity of today’s EDR tools means that the only way to make sure they work is to rigorously test and evaluate them. That’s why most EDR vendors deploy their products with bolt-on support services – they’re complex tools to deploy and need constant tuning to maintain.

What are the seven deadly techniques?

In 2021 AttackIQ released a study called “Ending the Era of Security Control Failure,” which revealed whopping gaps in endpoint security. AttackIQ analyzed anonymized customer data from 2021 and identified the top seven techniques that succeeded against EDR controls. The study emphasized the importance of organizations continually assessing their security controls to validate their effectiveness, highlighting the need for continuous testing and training to improve cybersecurity readiness and reduce security control failures.

The Role of EDR Testing

Enter AttackIQ Flex

One of the biggest challenges we see is the time, resources, and cost of testing endpoints – particularly at scale. While continuous security control validation is critical, organizations can’t always test all their endpoints. Pentesting is also time-consuming, and most organizations don’t have the in-house expertise to do this. Even when they do, it’s still painstaking to figure out what they need to do in their security products to mitigate the gaps they’ve identified.

That’s why we’ve designed Flex. The Flex EDR testing module is a self-contained point-and-click solution that runs all the validation needed on your endpoints. It mimics all seven deadly TTPs: Execution, Defense Evasion, Privilege Escalation, Collection, Persistence, Credential Access, and Lateral Movement. And once the test is run, you’ll receive clear mitigation actions in minutes.

Assessing EDR Effectiveness

EDR testing is a critical component of maintaining a bulletproof defense posture, but it doesn’t have to be hard to do. Try it out for yourself!