First of Its Kind Open Platform Integrates Dozens of Inaugural Partners Including BlackBerry, Cisco, Illumio, LogRhythm, Microsoft, RSA, and SentinelOne to Objectively Test their Solutions

SANTA CLARA, CA, August 3, 2020AttackIQ, the leading independent vendor of breach and attack simulation solutions, today announced the launch of its Preactive Security Exchange (PSE), an objective and trusted platform on which security vendors can demonstrate the value and efficacy of their products, as well as identify opportunities to improve solutions. BlackBerry, Cisco, Illumio, LogRhythm, Microsoft, RSA, and SentinelOne are among the dozens of inaugural vendor partners of the PSE, working together to improve the effectiveness of the security tools available on the market today.

“With the launch of the PSE, AttackIQ has set forth a mission of fixing enterprise security through honest, open collaboration with any security controls vendors willing to work with us to better understand how to test their products, for the benefit of our mutual customers,” says Dariush Afshar, VP Platform, AttackIQ. “This initiative will enhance our ability to accurately measure the effectiveness of security controls within the customer environment and help vendors tune their products to better deliver on promises, and in turn, better protect their enterprise. We’re pleased to see such a positive response from the vendor community, with so many controls integrated at launch – and growing quickly.”

Based on conversations with countless enterprise customers over the years, the PSE was created to mitigate fatigue and frustration when navigating the increasingly confusing and crowded security controls industry landscape. The Ponemon Institute 2019 Research Report found enterprise customers spend on average $18.4 million annually on cybersecurity and deploy 47 different security products. Yet 53% admitted they do not know how well the cybersecurity tools they have deployed are working. Additionally, the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that 82% of successful breaches should have been stopped by existing security controls. Organizations must be certain their security measures can effectively prevent critical infrastructure disruption. AttackIQ operationalizes the MITRE ATT&CK database of known attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and helps customers assess the ability of their security stack to prevent, detect and contain real-world threats.

“At AttackIQ, we believe deeply in industry collaboration as evidenced by our work with the MITRE Center for Threat-Informed Defense. Now, with the Preactive Security Exchange, we have created another way for the security industry to collaborate for the benefit of our mutual customers’ success,” says Brett Galloway, CEO of AttackIQ. “We are incredibly grateful for the recognition of our value received from the inaugural group of PSE members, and look forward to deepening our engagement with each of them as we elevate the security posture of our customers together.”

To coincide with PSE and offer their partners effortless integration, AttackIQ is releasing a set of REST APIs. As an API-first company, AttackIQ is committed to respecting customers’ existing investments and helping them gain unprecedented visibility into their own technology stack. The PSE’s cross-category approach reflects the broad set of investments customers make to secure their enterprises. In fact, the PSE has already developed collaborative relationships involving custom health check assessments with controls vendors in the following categories: Endpoint Detection Response (EDR), Firewall, Secure Web Gateway, SOAR, CASB, Vulnerability Management, Logging and Analytics, Network Detection and Response (NDR), Network Virtualization, IDS/IPS, ITSM, Cloud Service Providers, SIEMs, Operational Technology (OT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS), and others.

Partner Testimonials

“We’re excited to be a part of AttackIQ’s PSE. It provides us with the opportunity to show customers how our products perform when tested continuously by an independent platform,” said May Mitchell, Vice President, Global Channel Sales and Alliances, BlackBerry. “That transparency enables us to remind customers just how committed we are about delivering a best in class solution for them. In our ongoing pursuit of excellence, partnering with the PSE has helped us identify specific, practical and constructive ways we can tune our products to help customers better deploy them for even higher efficacy via our custom partner assessment template.”

“Cisco values its partnership with AttackIQ and is delighted to be a part of AttackIQ’s Preactive Security Exchange (PSE). As the leading neutral platform to enable seamless breach and attack simulation with comprehensive capability for continuous and targeted validation of security posture, AttackIQ allows Cisco to objectively showcase the many strengths of our security portfolio to customers,” said Farzad Bakhtiar, Senior Product Manager, Cisco Advanced Malware Protection Group.

“As the leading provider of end-to-end segmentation, we are committed to providing our customer and prospects with valuable information that illustrates the efficacy of our products and underscores their value within an organization’s technology stack,” said Vijay Chauhan, Vice President of Product Marketing at Illumio. “We’re pleased to participate in AttackIQ’s Preactive Security Exchange (PSE) as an inaugural member to provide greater transparency to users across the globe.”

“With the proliferation of cybersecurity technology, it can be challenging to determine which tools meaningfully deliver on their capabilities to actively improve security maturity,” said James Carder, CSO and Vice President of LogRhythm Labs. “We’re excited to participate in AttackIQ’s Preactive Security Exchange, as it gives us the opportunity to objectively showcase the holistic power of the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform. This way, not only can potential customers see for themselves just how we can help strengthen their overall security posture, but also share feedback to help inform future product updates to ensure the platform continues to meet their needs.”

“We are proud to count AttackIQ as a Microsoft Intelligent Security Association partner. We’re pleased to now be part of their PSE as both our companies continuously work on ways that joint customers can realize greater ongoing value from both our products,” said Rob Lefferts, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft 365 Security, Microsoft Cybersecurity Solutions Group.

“RSA values its partnership with AttackIQ and is delighted to be a part of AttackIQ’s Preactive Security Exchange (PSE),” said Mike Adler, Vice President of Product and Engineering, RSA NetWitness Suite. “Our focus is ensuring security teams have full visibility across their complex environments, all on a platform with the tools to detect, analyze and respond to threats. Working with AttackIQ allows us to create powerful simulations of complex attacks and validation that RSA NetWitness is providing the protection customers need.”

“We’re confident in the strength of our ActiveEDR solution and are always looking for objective ways to demonstrate differentiated value to customers, so that they can make their decisions based on the best, most neutral data possible,” said Nicholas Warner, COO of SentinelOne. “When customers evaluate our products objectively, we compete well. AttackIQ’s PSE provides us with the perfect platform to do just that. They have cleverly developed a useful tool for customers to see the unique value we deliver by improving how customers deploy our product. We look forward to continuing our work with the PSE to increase the confidence that customers have in making investments in SentinelOne relative to our competition. We want to be evaluated fairly and thoroughly by customers and constantly improve the product efficacy experience, in partnership with both our companies’ product and SE teams. Our PSE partnership and integrated pre-sales motion is a major part of how we’re already doing that.”

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