The Center for Threat-Informed Defense brings together the best security teams from around the world to improve cyber defense at scale

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 12, 2019 AttackIQⓇ, the leading independent vendor of continuous security validation solutions, today announced the company has joined a new research group formed by MITRE Engenuity called the Center for Threat-Informed Defense. AttackIQ joins an esteemed group of companies as a founding Research Partner and is dedicated to advancing a shared understanding of adversary behavior and to use that understanding to improve the effectiveness of defenses against cyber attacks.

The Center for Threat-Informed Defense (the Center) is comprised of enterprises with sophisticated security programs, innovative technology providers, and influential nonprofit organizations from around the world. Its mission is to advance threat-informed defense through collaborative R&D, allowing organizations to elevate their risk models and strengthen cybersecurity posture. As the Center operates for the public good, all research is freely shared and publicly accessible.

“As the first company to operationalize and automate the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework, AttackIQ has worked closely with MITRE ATT&CK for years to enhance enterprises’ understanding of how their existing security controls and processes perform against real-world threats,” said Brett Galloway, CEO of AttackIQ. “Cyber attacks are one of the most pressing threats facing modern enterprises today. We believe that it is time for the industry to focus on improving the effectiveness of defenses against those attacks, which requires systematic methods to design and validate those defenses against a deeper understanding of adversary behavior. We are proud to be among the founding members of this esteemed research group.”

The Center was established in response to the needs of the rapidly growing community of organizations around the world using the MITRE ATT&CK framework, which enables companies to precisely map their detection, prevention, and response capabilities to attack scenarios. AttackIQ leverages this framework to provide continuous security validation. By continuously testing security controls, process, and people with an automated validation platform, organizations can easily identify and remediate security issues before they are exploited by real cyber attacks.

“The Center for Threat-Informed Defense is bringing together the best security teams in the world to collaborate on research that will shift the cybersecurity playing field in favor of defenders,” said Richard Struse, director, Center for Threat-Informed Defense. “We’re excited to have AttackIQ join as a founding Research Partner. Together, we can make an impact that’s far larger than anything we can do as individual companies.”

About AttackIQ

AttackIQ, a leader in the emerging market of continuous security validation, built the industry’s first platform that enables red and blue teams to test and measure the effectiveness of their security controls and staff. With an open platform, AttackIQ supports the MITRE ATT&CK framework, a curated knowledge base and model for cyber adversary behavior used for planning security improvements and verifying defenses work as expected. AttackIQ’s platform is trusted by leading companies around the world. For more information visit Follow AttackIQ on TwitterFacebookLinkedInVimeo, and YouTube.

About MITRE Engenuity

MITRE Engenuity is a tech foundation that collaborates with the private sector on challenges that demand a public interest solution, like cybersecurity, infrastructure resilience, healthcare effectiveness, and next generation communications.

About the MITRE Engenuity Center for Threat-Informed Defense™

The Center for Threat-Informed Defense™ is a privately funded research and development organization that collaborates with industry to analyze adversary tradecraft and technology to protect against, detect, and mitigate cyberattacks. The Center is part of MITRE Engenuity, a tech foundation for public good.