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Attack Graph Response to CISA Advisory AA23-129A: Hunting Russian Intelligence “Snake” Malware

AttackIQ has released two new attack graphs in response to the recently published CISA Advisory (AA23-129A) that details the efforts taken by U.S. agencies to disrupt the peer-to-peer network infrastructure used by the Russian threat actor Turla and their Snake malware. Turla is the public name given to actors associated with cyberattacks conducted by Center 16 of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).

Response to Lazarus’ 3CX Supply Chain Compromise

AttackIQ has released a new attack graph that aims to emulate the activities linked to the recent supply chain attack against the software developed by the company 3CX. This new release aims to emulate the activities carried out during the initial stages of the system compromise and the hands-on keyboard activity led by Lazarus Group.

Emulating the Infamous Modular Banking Trojan BokBot

AttackIQ has released two new attack graphs that emulate recent activities involving the banking trojan known as BokBot, which has been primarily focused on exfiltrating data and stealing credentials. This new release continues our focused research on emulating shared e-crime malware used in attacks by multiple adversaries.