A Next Step “On The Road” (to Security Optimization)

AttackIQ's new architecture upgrade makes it possible for customers to emulate comprehensive, multi-stage adversary cyberattack campaigns with realism and specificity, at every step in the kill chain. Check it out. Read More

If a test fails in the forest, does it make a sound? Or does it keep on rolling, much like Neal Cassady (née Dean Moriarty) spontaneously through time?

These questions are at the core of why the amazing bunch of folks here at AttackIQ have been hard at work, building extensions to our AttackIQ Informed Defense Architecture (AIDA) – because it’s a lot harder to defend things when you don’t know a) about the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) of the adversary, or b) the performance of your defenses when confronted with those TTPs.

Without indulging my inner marketer or his tendency to sound like he’s fresh off a bout of psychedelics, let’s take a quick peek at what makes this latest release to the AttackIQ platform so special:

  • AI and ML detection tech? Don’t go “delirious and unconscious” – Ditch the FUD, and get the facts with the only adversary emulation technology designed from the ground up to evaluate these approaches to thwarting the adversary with a light touch on your alert stream. AttackIQ’s new Anatomic Engine makes it possible. 
  • Make Testing All Your Defenses EasierIf your security program looks anything like the rest of our customers, it’s complex. It takes a lot to get going right, all at once, for it to work. We know this, so we created our Network Control Validation module and several new Assessment Templates in the Security Optimization Platform to remove the guesswork about assessing your next-generation firewall’s performance when something like LockerGoga knocks on its door. 
  • Test Your External Defenses Fast – Yeah, you heard that right. Don’t waste time with lengthy deployments, twiddling infrastructure-as-a-service or refreshing your memory about the vagaries of DKIM, SPF and DMARC. The AttackIQ platform, our content, and our new Hosted Agent Service accelerate you past the annoying bits and offer you great answers about your defenses facing the Internet – and what they’ll do when confronted by the adversary.

While I can’t promise that testing out these new capabilities will be as fun as a road trip around the United States, I might be willing to bet that you’d tip a glass in Jack Kerouac’s direction once you give our threat-informed defense capabilities a try. 

Join our experts for a special demo on March 25th! Register today! We’re all looking forward to your feedback once you give these new capabilities a try.