SANTA CLARA, Calif. – May 15, 2024AttackIQ®, the leading independent vendor of breach and attack simulation (BAS) solutions and founding research partner of the MITRE Engenuity Center for Threat-Informed Defense (CTID), today announced the launch of a new AttackIQ Academy course, “Foundations of AI Security.” The free course addresses the urgent need to secure artificial intelligence (AI) systems as they become increasingly intertwined with daily life.

The accelerating adoption of AI makes understanding and combating its inherent dangers crucial for businesses and individuals. With cybercrime damages predicted to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, this course equips professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to safeguard their systems and protect against devastating losses.

The new course is led by Keith Wilson, a seasoned information security professional with over a decade of industry experience. Wilson’s career, marked by collaborations with top global companies, equips him with the insights to guide participants through the intricate world of AI security.

“AI technology is advancing rapidly, often outpacing the preparedness of our security frameworks,” said Wilson. “With ‘Foundations of AI Security,’ we’re shifting the paradigm, equipping security professionals with the understanding and tools to stay ahead of emerging threats. We’re not just raising awareness, we’re providing the solutions needed to take concrete action.”

Hands-on instruction for cyber professionals, developers and policymakers 

The “Foundations of AI Security” course is designed to immerse participants in the complexities of AI technologies and their unique security challenges. Over 4.5 hours of expert-led instruction, this intermediate-level course provides an overview of AI systems, many of the risks they present, and in-depth explorations of leading security frameworks, including MITRE ATLAS, AI RMF, and OWASP. The course is tailored for cybersecurity professionals eager to specialize in AI, developers involved in AI projects, and policymakers overseeing tech integration.

For cybersecurity experts, it offers a pathway to becoming proficient in AI-specific security measures. AI developers will learn to embed security into their systems from the start, adhering to industry best practices. Meanwhile, policymakers and business leaders will gain the knowledge needed to make informed, secure decisions regarding AI implementation.

Unique in its approach, the course fills a significant gap in AI security education, providing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills applicable in real-world scenarios. Participants will leave with a robust understanding of how to assess and mitigate AI vulnerabilities effectively, ensuring they are well-prepared to face today’s security demands.

“I just finished the course and exam, and this is absolutely great work from the AttackIQ team,” said Dirk Praet, Principal Information Systems Security Consultant at Toreon. “This is a total must for anyone even remotely involved in AI systems threat modeling and risk management. It’s a real eye-opener even for me.”

Commitment to the cybersecurity community

With the launch of “Foundations of AI Security,” AttackIQ reaffirms its commitment to giving back to the community. With 60,000 students in 190+ different countries, AttackIQ Academy courses are delivered at no cost as a public good. All courses are eligible for ISC(2) CPE credits.

For more information, course schedules, and enrollment details, please visit AttackIQ Academy.

About AttackIQ

AttackIQ, the leading independent vendor of breach and attack simulation solutions, built the industry’s first Breach and Attack Simulation Platform for continuous security control validation and improving security program effectiveness and efficiency. AttackIQ is trusted by leading organizations worldwide to plan security improvements and verify that cyberdefenses work as expected, aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

The company is committed to supporting its MSSP partners with a flexible Preactive Partner Program that provides turn-key solutions, empowering them to elevate client security. AttackIQ is passionate about giving back to the cybersecurity community through its free award-winning AttackIQ Academy and partnership with MITRE Engenuity’s Center for Threat-Informed Defense.

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