AttackIQ Vanguard

Proactively identify and remediate security gaps before adversaries mount cyberattacks using AttackIQ Vanguard as an extension of your team

Why Choose AttackIQ Vanguard?

Find and close security control gaps proactively.

Get deep and continuous breach and attack simulation analysis, 24/7, to find and close gaps before adversaries exploit them. Detailed reports make it easy to share information across security, risk, and compliance teams, and improve the organization’s overall security posture.

Improve continuously with evidence.

AttackIQ Vanguard operators use the AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform’s industry-leading adversary emulations to help you improve the defense capabilities that matter most to you – from EDR and next generation firewalls to security segmentation and cloud security.

Elevate team effectiveness.

Augment your skilled analysts with the most advanced breach and attack simulation technology, plus AttackIQ cybersecurity experts who use custom tools, cloud-scale data, and real-time threat intelligence. AttackIQ’s experienced team will investigate and advise on the potential for attacks in your environment.

“Having cybersecurity controls (technology, people, process and procedures) in place will not alone protect your organization from breaches and attacks. Proactively measuring the effectiveness of your controls on a regular basis and fine-tuning them to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape is imperative.”

– Uma Mahesh Reddy, CISO, Prime Healthcare Services

Think bad. Do good.

  • Adversary mindset. Effective adversary emulation requires thinking like the adversary, and the team has deep experience analyzing and responding to threats and adversary behaviors.
  • Practitioner expertise. AttackIQ Vanguard employs experienced operators from a range of backgrounds, including the government, the commercial sector, and the intelligence community, who have helped improve cybersecurity readiness for some of the leading organizations in the world.

Automated real-world validation.

  • End-to-end control validation: AttackIQ Vanguard will help test your security program comprehensively, testing security controls in production, at scale, and automatically to ensure that any gaps are identified.
  • Real adversary TTPs. AttackIQ Vanguard will use all of the tools in the AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform to emulate the adversary with realism, aligned to the evolving MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Actionable reporting.

  • Detailed reporting. Customers receive detailed data analysis and reporting on their program performance that can be shared with red and blue teams, risk and compliance teams, and executive and board members to improve cybersecurity readiness.
  • Real-time performance analytics. The AttackIQ Vanguard experts will help review your assessment results and remediate gaps to maximize scarce resources.

AttackIQ Vanguard Offerings

AttackIQ Vanguard helps you achieve real-time cybersecurity readiness by relying on the team’s deep practitioner expertise and validating your security controls. By becoming an AttackIQ Vanguard customer you will benefit from:

Personalized onboarding checkmark
Prioritized adversary emulations checkmark
Risk framework mappings checkmark
Cybersecurity control validation, including cloud controls checkmark
Program gap identification and remediation checkmark
Granular analysis and reporting checkmark
Expert advice on threat-informed defense strategies checkmark
Continuous support and education with AttackIQ Academy checkmark

Get Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

We created AttackIQ Vanguard to help cybersecurity practitioners close the gap left by ad hoc testing approaches and achieve greater situational awareness and visibility into the effectiveness of their security programs. AttackIQ Vanguard is a prescriptive service that helps you select adversary tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to proactively run for cloud and on-premises security controls. Using AttackIQ’s deep scenario library aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework and cutting-edge adversary emulation capabilities, AttackIQ Vanguard tests your security controls continuously and automatically using the AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform. Real-time data enables you to share results across your team to achieve greater situational awareness into the effectiveness of your security program. Based on AttackIQ’s industry-leading breach and attack simulation technology, which is deployed and trusted by some of the world’s most advanced enterprise and government cybersecurity teams, AttackIQ Vanguard is backed by an experienced team of cybersecurity practitioners who understand business risks and are ready to help you achieve cybersecurity readiness.
The AttackIQ Vanguard service provides a different offering than MSSPs. While MSSPs are traditionally used to manage security products such as your firewall, IDS/IPS, SIEMs and web gateways and provide basic detection and alerting services, we help you understand and improve upon the health of your cybersecurity technology stack. If we find a gap after running real-world scenarios using the industry-proven MITRE ATT&CK framework, our expert team will help you investigate, prioritize, and determine how to close gaps and improve your security posture. Additionally, while MSSPs typically focus on monitoring perimeter security solutions such as firewalls, UTMs (unified threat management) and web gateways, AttackIQ Vanguard does not manage your security products. Instead, we proactively validate that your controls are working as expected to defend your organization against cyberattacks and ransomware attempts. AttackIQ Vanguard provides actionable reports with recommendations for remediation, including a detailed analysis of performance that enables your entire security and risk organization to share information and how to improve cyber readiness and resilience.
MSSPs historically do not proactively exercise managed security controls against advanced attacks.
AttackIQ Vanguard helps organizations identify security gaps that left unchecked could easily result in undesirable security events. Our team of cybersecurity experts will run prescriptive exercises for your organization, ensuring controls are working the way they should. By helping your team operationalize a threat-informed defense, we become a force multiplier for resource-constrained organizations.
AttackIQ Vanguard integrates with the leading cybersecurity defenses, which are part of the AttackIQ Preactive Security Exchange ecosystem. Whether they are enabling AttackIQ to effectively deliver our solutions, or they’re providing the technology and functionality that help make AttackIQ the leader in continuous security validation, every partner we collaborate with has the same commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences.
The AttackIQ Vanguard team builds and executes a prescriptive plan for every customer to continuously audit their security controls. We run real-world exercises using lightweight test points and a scenario library of more than 3,000 adversary emulations to fully automate security control validation for you.
AttackIQ Vanguard is highly efficient in its ability to scale event volume, systems, and staffing. With a focused mission of finding gaps before attacks happen, AttackIQ Vanguard continuously validates control performance and uses proprietary AttackIQ Vanguard internal reporting and analytics tools. AttackIQ Vanguard leverages intelligent automation, so you can eliminate routine tasks and decrease the “signal-to-noise” ratio wherever possible.
AttackIQ Vanguard provides 24×7 proactive security control validation, operating as a seamless extension of your team to identify gaps in your security posture. Our managed service is backed by a team of cybersecurity experts ready to help you drive maturity in your security operations program. Your assigned AttackIQ Vanguard analyst will conduct proactive security checks, threat reports, and team briefings, as well as provide targeted recommendations and context to enable a threat-informed defense.
The AttackIQ Vanguard service is licensed on a cost-effective quarterly subscription. For more information please contact your favorite channel partner or request a quote from our team.
Absolutely. Become a certified AttackIQ Vanguard Service Provider by contacting us at [email protected]