Testing Defenses Against PlayCrypt Double Extortion Ransomware

Play ransomware (aka PlayCrypt) has been responsible for many attacks targeting companies and governments across North America, South America, and Europe since its discovery in June 2022. Operating on a double extortion model, Play ransomware exfiltrates data and then encrypts it, increasing the impact. As a proactive response to the escalating #StopRansomware initiative by CISA, AttackIQ developed and released an attack graph. This tool empowers defenders to emulate a common playbook observed in Play ransomware infections, arming organizations with the capabilities to test and strengthen their defenses with real behaviors. Join our webinar to delve into the world of cyber threats with the AttackIQ Adversary Research Team. Gain invaluable insights into CISA’s Cybersecurity Advisories (CSAs), the unique tactics of Play Ransomware, and how the AttackIQ Platform can help fortify your cybersecurity posture.