The CISO’s Guide
to Cybersecurity Readiness

Are you ready for your next cyberattack?

The U.S. Department of Defense defines readiness as the ability to “fight and meet the demands of assigned missions.” In cybersecurity, readiness means being fully prepared to defend your organization against a cyberattack. To achieve readiness, the organization should make decisions on the basis of real data and evidence of security outcomes. To do so, the security team needs to focus on strategies and solutions that answer several key questions:

  • What attacks might happen to us?
  • Are adversaries able to steal our data or hold us ransom?
  • How well is our security program performing in relation to known threats?
  • Are we getting the most out of our security investments?
  • Is our security team sufficiently trained and prepared to counter incoming intruders?

In this CISO’s Guide to Cybersecurity Readiness, we will walk through all of the key considerations that CISO’s need to prepare their security team for the next attack and ensure optimal readiness. We will also show you the benefits of automated versus manual testing and how automation can save your organization time, personnel resources, and budget over time.

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