ESG Research: The Security Hygiene and Posture Management Survey

How does your cyber hygiene stack up against other cybersecurity programs?

With cyberattacks on the rise and as organizations grapple with an increasingly complex cyberterrain, security teams are putting new emphasis on security hygiene to ensure their systems are healthy and they’re able to prevent or withstand attacks if they happen. But just how much needs to be done to maintain proper security hygiene—and are these organizations (and yours) doing everything they can?

ESG recently released a report based on responses from nearly 400 cybersecurity professionals with telling information on the current state of enterprise security hygiene today. Download the report to learn what security teams have identified as:

  • The most important security hygiene metrics
  • The right frequency for proper security testing
  • Planned areas for cybersecurity spend to improve security hygiene
  • Top actions to improve cybersecurity hygiene
  • …and much more.