Come to booth 2736 and unleash your inner hero—see if you have what it takes to take the lead at our command console and show the world that heroes are made, not born.  Our command center is typically secure from the public eye, but we are opening it up at Black Hat and you get to be the commander! Our command center support specialists will walk you through how to identify the most pressing threats, understand your response capabilities, and call your team to action with decision support for every level of the organization. You’ll leave our booth with the tools and confidence to become the hero of your own team… and with an exclusive Commander t-shirt!

Stop by the booth 2736 or fill out the form to pre-book your commander session! Limited available.

Or, if you would like to arrange a meeting with our executives, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

We will select a few people each day to take control of the big screen. You will receive a briefing on critical threats and have our command center staff support your decision process through configuring, executing, and reporting on an assessment targeted and what’s important to your mission.

Duration: 10 minutes.

Mild-mannered engineer Hans was going about his daily life, dealing with routine cybersecurity challenges. However, when a threat actor they weren’t prepared for struck with disastrous consequences, Hans attempted to stop it but was unsuccessful. In the aftermath, as he sifted through the digital rubble, he discovered AttackIQ Flex. Suddenly, Hans’ dormant superpower, the ability to see the truth behind the lies his tools told him, awakened. With this newfound ability to see through deception, he defeated the adversary and emerged as Firewall, the protector of digital fortresses. Armed with AttackIQ Flex, Firewall prepares the organization for future attacks, ensuring every line of defense stands resilient against digital threats.

Seasoned CISO Aarya, tasked with protecting her organization from cyber threats, faced an uphill battle with existing security tools. When a sophisticated adversary launched a targeted attack, Emily tapped into her courage to address these deficiencies head-on. In the aftermath, the discovery of AttackIQ Flex revealed crucial insights into security posture, emboldening her pursuit of necessary upgrades. Despite resistance, Emily’s steadfast pursuit of excellence empowered her as Vigilance, the CISO. With AttackIQ Flex as her tool, she orchestrated a decisive counterattack, thwarting the adversary and fortifying the organization’s defenses. Her leadership and foresight ensure readiness to face future threats with confidence.

Diligent cybersecurity manager James oversaw operations for a growing company, facing persistent struggles to secure budget and support from upper management. When a critical security incident struck, James realized the imperative need for stronger defenses. In the aftermath, the discovery of AttackIQ Flex unlocked his latent super strength in cybersecurity strategy. With unwavering determination, James used AttackIQ’s clear and dispassionate reports about his security gaps to advocate for increased investment, rallying support and securing resources to fortify defenses. Empowered as Sentinel, he leads a relentless battle against adversaries, ensuring the organization’s defenses are fortified for future attacks.

Stop by booth 2736 or fill out the form to pre-book your commander session to become the hero you were meant to be! Limited available.

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