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A new fully managed breach and attack simulation service offered by the premier provider of MITRE ATT&CK-based security control validation. Elevate your cybersecurity effectiveness and efficiency today. Automated Testing for Everyone.

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Untested security controls operate at only 39% effectiveness

Continuously test

Adversaries conduct multi-stage cyberattacks against you all the time. The problem is absent continous testing, security programs fail. The path to security effectiveness is not through more budget or more people, but real data.

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In production, at scale

Measure your security performance using real-world adversary behaviors in production, at scale, and against multiple threats at the same time with MITRE ATT&CK at the center of your strategy.

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With a world-class team.

Much more than a technology solution, AttackIQ is a world-class team of security practitioners and researchers. We help you build your testing startegy, validate your security controls, and breakdown silos between teams.

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Get the benefits of automated control validation


Efficiency gain for red team staff


More efficient security operations teams


Expected cost reduction of breaches

Customer Stories

Prime Healhcare Services

Having cybersecurity controls (technology, people, process and procedures) in place will not alone protect your organization from breaches and attacks. Proactively measuring the effectiveness of your controls on a regular basis and fine-tuning them to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape is imperative.

Uma Mahesh Reddy
CISO, Prime Healhcare Services
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ISS World Services A/S

AttackIQ enables us to be more strategic with our security investments. What should we implement next to drive down risk? Automation is a smarter way of answering that question than manual pen testing because it reduces the cost of testing and increases the thoroughness of assessments.

Martin Petersen
CISO, ISS World Services A/S
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U.S. Army

We don't have the option to continuously do red teaming. Using AttackIQ enables us to do much more frequent control validations, and to retest as often as we want to make sure we're making progress.

Capabilities Development Manager
Cyber Defense Operations, U.S. Army
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The US government’s cyber defense agency is recommending for the first time that companies embrace automated continuous testing to protect against longstanding online threats. The guidance, from a cluster of US and international agencies..., urges businesses to shore up their defenses by continually validating their security program against known threat behaviors, rather than a more piecemeal approach."

- September 14, 2022

Trusted By Leading Cybersecurity Teams

The importance of being prepared for breaches grows with the constant evolutionary nature of costly cybersecurity attacks. That's why the world's leading cybersecurity teams choose AttackIQ to find security gaps, prioritize program strategies, and set-up their organizations for success. Together we're making the world safe for compute.

"The value of AttackIQ is clear to see: a solution that allows us to detect advanced threats and show our controls are working, with ongoing posture validation replacing our expensive and limited penetration testing. As a Critical Infrastructure organization, the benefits of the approach are clear."

– Nathan Morelli, Head of Cyber Security and IT Resilience, SA Power Networks

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Ending the Era of Security Control Failure

After months of analysis, AttackIQ published a data study of historic security control failures against top MITRE ATT&CK techniques – and what to do to improve security program performance. Learn how and why security control failures are so pervasive in cybersecurity — and how you can solve the problem today through breach and attack simulation and automated security control validation.

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Bloomberg: US Cyber-Defense Agency Urges Companies to Automate Threat Testing

The US government’s cyber defense agency is recommending for the first time that companies embrace automated continuous testing to protect against longstanding online threats. This Bloomberg article explores why emulating adversaries and testing against them has become critical in defending against cyberattacks.

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Cloud Security with MITRE ATT&CK for Dummies

The cloud is strange territory when it comes to security, and few businesses today are able to utilize native security controls provided by cloud platforms. How can you ensure your defenses are up continuously and that your business data is protected? This special-edition guide will share practical steps for deploying ATT&CK as a framework to maximize security effectiveness and implement a proactive threat-informed defense.

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