Meet AttackIQ Vanguard: Helping security teams identify control gaps before the adversary does.

As organizations react to constantly changing and challenging situations today, they need to be confident they can still meet their business objectives while controlling risk. Read More

As organizations react to constantly changing and challenging situations today, they need to be confident they can still meet their business objectives while controlling risk.

One risk that’s become increasingly apparent is identifying and resolving security gaps before adversaries capitalize on them. While businesses may have spent years investing in their cybersecurity programs, they typically aren’t certain that their security controls are working at all times. In fact, 53% of cyber security executives were unsure if controls were properly configured, according to a recent Ponemon study.

Untested cybersecurity controls fail regularly and silently—and adversaries are finding ways to slip through the cracks. With an ever-increasing velocity of malicious cyberattacks, security teams need to not only stay on top of current adversarial activity but also security control configurations that are designed to interdict those attackers.

Here’s an analogy. Modern automobiles now have significant automated feedback loops to inform drivers when critical features may be degraded, impacting operational safety (e.g. tire pressure, fluid levels). Networks and mission-critical applications similarly have comprehensive automated feedback loops that help provide constant situational awareness and visibility supporting availability and continuity of business operations. Is it strange, then, that security controls are one of the last few information technologies that require a “mechanic” to manually check under the hood to validate proper configurations?

Our most important priority is—and always will be—helping security teams succeed in protecting their organization and data. But we also understand that companies are at varying levels of maturity when it comes to their cybersecurity practice. We feel it’s the right time amidst these business concerns to offer managed services that can help resource-constrained organizations ensure their security controls are working the way they should with a partner that thoroughly understands what it takes to operationalize a threat-informed defense.

For that reason, I’m excited to announce our new AttackIQ Vanguard security validation service which allows you to utilize the deep experience of an expert team at AttackIQ to proactively identify and help security teams remediate security gaps. We provide prescriptive cyber security assessments that are based on current and relevant adversary threats to your business by leveraging our award winning AttackIQ adversary emulation platform. Trusted by many Fortune 500 companies and the Department of Defense, the AttackIQ platform and Vanguard service leverages a comprehensive library of adversary emulations aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to help you continuously, automatically, and effectively test security controls.

Here’s what you can expect from this service: 

  1. Proactive threat-informed defense: Deep and continuous breach and attack simulation analysis around the clock to find and close gaps before adversaries exploit them.
  2. Improvements based on real-time data: We’ll make sure you’re able to focus on defense capabilities that matter most to your business—from endpoint detection and response to next-gen firewalls, to native internal security controls in cloud providers.
  3. A stronger team: With this service we become one team–your skilled analysts together with AttackIQ cybersecurity specialists and our data-driven threat intelligence to improve your security posture.
  4. More strategic investments: Leverage MITRE ATT&CK’s framework of known adversarial TTPs to measure your existing security controls’ effectiveness, and reduce costs by understanding what investments are working and which aren’t.

As an AttackIQ Vanguard user, you’ll also benefit from: 

  • Personalized onboarding
  • Prioritized adversary emulations
  • Risk framework mappings
  • Cybersecurity control validation, including cloud controls
  • Program gap identification and remediation
  • Deep analysis and reporting
  • Expert advice on threat-informed defense strategies
  • Continuous and free cybersecurity education via AttackIQ Academy

It is not a question of if but when an attacker will break past your perimeter defenses and target the data inside your network. Don’t let poor cybersecurity control hygiene benefit cyber adversaries. Let us help you run a threat-informed defense and achieve cybersecurity readiness.

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