Continuous Health Checks for your Cybersecurity Controls

Healthcare continues to be a primary target for cyberattacks worldwide. Around 42% of data breaches happen in the healthcare space, and 91% of healthcare organizations have reported a breach within the past 2 years. Why is this happening? Because security controls fail silently and continuously, giving adversaries a chance to slip through the cracks.

Just as patients require preventative care, so does your cybersecurity program. Discover proactive security gap remediation and implement a threat-informed defense in your healthcare security practice.

Top Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Use Cases for Healthcare

Automated Testing

Set up automated scripts to check security controls protecting EHR data using known adversary techniques likely to target that data.

New Vendor Evaluations

Exercise proposed additions to your security stack against benchmark attack scenarios, and compare effectiveness of commercial and open-source security solutions.

M&A Risk Reduction

For mergers and acquisitions, test the security controls of onboarding companies, and identify areas that need to be addressed in advance of the deal closing.

The CISO's guide to MITRE ATT&CK in healthcare and public health

The CISO’s Guide to Leveraging MITRE ATT&CK in Healthcare

Get a holistic overview of how (and why) to validate security controls using the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and how you can take advantage of the framework as part of your organization’s comprehensive cyberdefense efforts.

Why Healthcare Organizations Choose AttackIQ

Easy to Implement

AttackIQ agents are lightweight and easy to install meaning you can get up and running in minutes.

Choice of Deployment

Set up the management system remotely as software-as-a-service or directly on-prem—whichever suits your needs or requirements.


Our Security Optimization Platform does not need dedicated test points, making it more scalable than other solutions on the market.

Safe for Production

Low-profile agents reduce risk of exposing production controls to adversaries.

“That first AttackIQ report was a reality check. It showed a whole host of threats that we were vulnerable to and were previously unaware of.”

Healthcare Under Siege:
A Cybersecurity Author and Healthcare CISO Weigh In

Amidst an uptick in cyberattacks on hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, how can you ensure your systems, data, and patient care are safe from ransomware attacks? Join ethical hacker leader and best selling author Ted Harrington along with Bupa CISO Paul Haywood in a discussion on how to proactively assess and address security vulnerabilities. From technology to people to processes, they will draw from their respective experiences to help you build a plan for resiliency.