Preactive Security Exchange (PSE)

AttackIQ is constantly delivering impactful results in bottom-line savings and efficiency to our customers and our key Preactive Security Exchange technology partners are critical to that success.

Rewarding Commitment to AttackIQ

PSE members are divided into three tiers based on their commitment to and level of engagement with AttackIQ.

Information technology teams are routinely proactive. They design systems to be capable and reliable. They are also routinely reactive when systems fail. Yet it is not possible to avoid failure by design, and the impact of failure on the business is large, both because of the failures themselves and the time required to diagnose and repair them.

Between those two poles lies a better way: PreactiveTM systems. Preactive systems actively and continuously test for failure so that you can react to that failure before it creates a live business impact.

The concept is related to chaos engineering, in which software is deployed to attack production software systems to induce failures. Preactive systems add to that the capability for closed loop diagnostics and remediation. They emulate attacks, diagnose the failures that occur, and drive remediation of those failures.

These capabilities are quite applicable to cybersecurity. Cybersecurity teams proactively design and implement security controls to protect the enterprise. They are understandably quite reactive to active attacks. The problem? Active attacks are dangerous, and fixing a control after a live failure is too late. Preactive systems actively test security controls, diagnose their failures, and remediate their failures before they are exploited by a live attacker.

This is not limited to technical measures. The PreactiveTM Security Exchange (PSE) is a technology partner program which applies the same principles of active evaluation of effectiveness, diagnosis of gaps, and remediation to the vendor offerings of the participants, in service of our joint customers.

In short, PreactiveTM systems are proactive about preventable failure.