CISO's Guide to Using Attack Graphs and MITRE ATT&CK

Download the CISO’s Guide to Using Attack Graphs and MITRE ATT&CK

In an environment where threats are getting more challenging by the day, CISOs and their teams are under pressure to explain their defensive posture to the C-suite, understand and apply lessons learned from major incidents, and build realistic adversary emulation scenarios for purple teaming exercises. As a result, the industry is shifting toward the use of attack graphs (also known as attack flows). These attack graphs simulate multi-stage attacks, and defenders can use them to assess the effectiveness of their automated cybersecurity safeguards in a realistic and targeted manner.

In our most recent whitepaper, we’ll go over what it takes to construct an entire attack sequence to enable defenders to map detection and mitigation actions so that you are ready if attackers target your business.

This guide will explain how to:

  • Emulate real-world attacks,
  • Apply attack graphs in action in a purple team environment, and
  • Move on from atomic threat analysis.

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