Security Optimization Journey Blueprint

Phase 4: Comprehensive Security Optimization

In this phase, you are making the most of your scarce resources to deliver effective and efficient cybersecurity at scale across your enterprise.

Expected outcomes: You are maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your total security program (people, process, and technology), by ensuring that existing security investments are measured, monitored, and modified continuously from a threat-informed perspective. Senior security leaders can use real performance data to make sound investment decisions and brief your organization’s leadership.

Strategic Investment Decision Support

Security Strategy and Investment Decision Support. Using AttackIQ’s Security Optimization Platform comprehensively across your organization, you can look at performance data, set a strategy, and decide whether to invest or divest in specific areas to mitigate a discrepancy. The platform provides you with real data coming out of the control framework assessment to help determine the state of your assets, where you are getting value (or not), and what your business strategy should be to make the most of your investments. The only way to make these decisions is with an inventory and a data-driven assessment of how well all of your people, processes, and technologies are working.

Project Software Development Lifecycle Automation. Every time you bring a new application or non-security platform into your enterprise, you need to validate that its security works up-front and also throughout the lifecycle. Using AttackIQ’s Security Optimization Platform, your architect can automate the testing process; the engineering team can then fill the gaps or, if gaps cannot be filled easily, the architecture team can identify how to fill it. This solution nests between the risk and architecture teams.