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SecDevOps Leveraging Continous Integration/Continous Deployment (CI/CD)

SecDevOps Leveraging CI/CD 


The rise of DevOps has increased focus on improving the Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, (CI/CD) and Continuous Deployment processes. Conventional software development and delivery methods are rapidly becoming obsolete. Historically, in the agile development process, most companies would deploy/ship software in monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual intervals. Now however, in the DevOps era, weekly, daily, and even multiple times a day is the norm. This is especially true as SaaS is taking over the world and you can easily update applications on the fly without forcing customers to download new components.  The agility in CI/CD software delivery models represents a true progression to DevOps for most organizations.  But what about the security componet (SecDevOps) and introducing automated security system testing into the workflow?

An existing AttackIQ customer integrated FireDrill™ into their continuous delivery and continuous integration (CI/CD) model, as it was important to ensure security was validated as part of their overall delivery model thus creating a DevSecOps workflow. While able to implement security controls via their current delivery model, testing was a tedious task not aligned with the model of automating everything.


DevSecOps is the process of integrating a security-centric testing workflow as part of CI/CD. Thus, the integration of the AttackIQ FireDrill™ continuous security validation platform into an existing CI/CD process can ultimately facilitate the creation of a secure development best practices and automated testing methodology.


By integrating AttackIQ into their current CI/CD process, this organization was able to establish a baseline for their security controls implementation and the entire security pipeline process. This has allowed the full stack of the application’s security posture to be continuously measured over time. This allows the team to rapidly deploy changes into the environment knowing that their security capabilities are being measured and monitored. Any changes that may affect security posture are noticed prior to production deployment and appropriate modifications can be made.


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