Project SDLC (Security Development Lifecycle) Automation

Every time you bring a new application or non-security platform into the enterprise, you need to validate that its security works, and it needs to be able to validate that the security works throughout the lifecycle. Using AttackIQ’s Security Optimization Platform, the architect can automate the testing process; the engineering team can then fill the gaps or, if gaps cannot be filled easily, the architecture team might identify how to fill it. This solution nests between your risk and architecture teams.

The architect would likely rely on the red of blue team to test a control. If you operationalize a service under the Director for Threat-Informed Defense, the architect could have a shared interface to examine and determine what’s working or not. Overtime, your audit team will determine whether or not the controls are working. If the application expands and the controls change, your risk team weighs in on new behaviors. Your risk team manages the entire enterprise process of risk management, life cycle, and change management. AttackIQ’s Security Optimization Platform fills the automated validation for each component – the architect, the audit team, and the risk team – throughout the technology’s onboarding process.