Preparing for Russian State-Sponsored Cyberthreats

Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine and the aggression of the Russian regime present a top-tier threat to international security, including from potential cyberattacks of significant consequence. To prepare for a potential cyberattack from Russia-based actors, it is critical to validate your security controls against known adversary tactics. The vast majority of cyberattacks use tactics and techniques that have been employed in the past. Learn about common Russian-based TTPs and how to continuously test your security program using scenarios aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Bookmark this page for the latest insights and resources from AttackIQ specialists on how to best improve your security readiness.

Articles from AttackIQ Authors

Attack Graph Response to UNC1151 Continued Targeting
of Ukraine

There has been a substantial increase in cyberattacks against Ukrainian targets by groups closely aligned with Russian state interests.  Uncover new attacks from a threat actor likely operating out of Belarus known as UNC1151 or Ghostwriter.

"History is happening in front of us. At AttackIQ, the purpose of our company is to build assessments and adversary emulations to help security programs prepare for known threats."

Jonathan Reiber, Senior Director for Cybersecurity Strategy and Policy, AttackIQ
From Think Bad, Do Good: Episode 12