Own Your Odds

The risks and stakes are higher than ever for cybersecurity teams. Organizations are experiencing a 92% increase in cyberattacks. The average data breach now costs $3.86 million. And even more troubling, 82 percent of enterprise breaches that should have been stopped by existing security controls aren’t. What’s your exposure?

It’s time to own your odds. We can help augment your red team, empower your blue team and embrace purple teaming as a practice. By continually testing your controls using the AttackIQ security optimization platform, you have the insights you need to:

  • Identify, prioritize, and close gaps
  • Optimize existing controls and make smarter control investment decisions
  • Build a plan to improve your risk posture based on validation, not assumptions
  • Confidently report on the health of your security program to executives, boards, and auditors

If you knew you were going to be breached, what would you do differently with your security program? Let our cybersecurity experts help you plan your security strategy with actionable insights and better decisions for real security outcomes.

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