Ransomware in 2021: Staying Abreast of Modern Attacks

Ransomware attacks are on the rise with new victims in the news every day. Disrupting the price of gas and rattling American society, the Colonial Pipeline Co. shows how ransomware attacks can have far-reaching socio-political effects. The commodification of ransomware has enabled criminals all over the globe, and some nation-states give them safe harbor while others struggle to root out criminals despite their best intentions. How can security leaders best plan for the increasing proliferation and use of ransomware? Join Maggie MacAlpine and Jonathan Reiber, two seasoned cybersecurity strategists, for a webinar discussion on what the latest threats are and how you can best protect your organization from ransomware attacks.

Key Discussion Points

  • Trends in ransomware use and proliferation
  • The role of the state in offering safe harbor cybercriminals
  • Tactics for defending your organization


Maggie MacAlpine
Security Strategist,
Jonathan Reiber
Sr. Director of Cybersecurity Strategy and Policy,