Hot in 2021—Uniting Risk and Threat Management

As a result of a recent spate of sophisticated cyberattacks, regulators are increasing their grip on compliance and risk management teams across sectors. Cybersecurity regulations can help improve an organization’s security posture, but they also place a heavier reporting burden on organizations.

Today, there is a new path to achieve better compliance optimization, and that is by uniting threat and risk management around the practice of a threat-informed defense. You can improve your cybersecurity readiness by focusing your defenses on the threats that matter most, testing them continuously, and generating real performance data to validate your true compliance readiness.

In this special fireside chat, Lewis Honour, Global Head of Red Teams, Application Security & Architecture, Bupa, and Carl Wright, Chief Commercial Officer, AttackIQ, will discuss:

  • The top considerations for risk and threat management
  • How to operationalize proactive security management–or what is commonly referred to as threat-informed defense
  • How NIST mapping with the MITRE ATT&CK framework can change the game for red, blue, and white teams
  • How practitioners can automate security validation to continuously test adversarial behavior