Call for Papers Now Open

TID (threat-informed defense) talks are back! We’re ready to hear your 20-minute TID talk in person at our Black Hat booth in August to learn how to improve, enhance, or evolve your cybersecurity practice. Our island booth will have a designated speaker area with seating, 7×4 presentation wall, microphones, etc. This is a great opportunity to get your unique point of view heard, your brand showcased, and to share the stage with other cybersecurity luminaries!

Call for Papers is now closed. Thank you to all who submitted!

Our primary topics of interest are:

  • Purple Teaming
  • Evidence-Based Cybersecurity Management
  • Threat Management/Intelligence
  • MITRE ATT&CK Framework
  • Ransomware
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Cloud Security
  • Leading in Cybersecurity
  • Threat-informed Defense
  • Behavioral Based Detection
  • Detection Engineering
  • Threat Detection and Response Automation/Orchestration