Private Tasting & Lesson with Bourbon Legend Dan Garrison.

AttackIQ is partnering with Dan Garrison, founder of Garrison Brothers Distillery, the first company to make legal bourbon bottled in Texas, to create a bourbon tasting and learning experience for five lucky raffle winners.

Enter to win this exclusive session with Dan, your own bottle of award winning bourbon as Dan guides you through a tasting and lesson. Winners will join Dan Garrison and AttackIQ CTO and Founder, Stephan Chenette, for this unique experience.

Once winners are selected, we will work together on a date in January to cheers to a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2021.

About Garrison Brothers Distillery:

Surviving a Texas summer is damn near impossible. Their first batch of bourbon didn’t stand a  chance. The scorching heat nuked the barrels. They leaked. Cracked. Broke altogether. Hundreds of gallons were lost. But Dan’s spirit was stronger than his casks. It never bent, snapped, nor crumbled. He found a cooperage who was willing to form custom barrels with staves thick enough to stand up to the Texas heat. All 130 degrees of it. There’s nothing quite like Texas Pride. And Dan and his team were hell-bent on doing whatever it took to make the very first, legal Texas bourbon.