We've got your six

We've got your six

Automated security control validation is your wingman for real-time, data-driven visibility into the effectiveness of your security program.

In WWI and II, fighter pilots would confidently say “I’ve got your six,” or, more colloquially, “I’ve got your back,” to ensure the aircraft was prepared for attack on all sides.

Security teams invest in a range of defenses to battle would-be attackers every day. But how do you know if these systems are working to protect your organization from breaches and ransomware? What if you had a wingman who could give you confidence in the true performance of your program?

As the leaders in breach and attack simulation, we’ve got your six when it comes to your cybersecurity program. And your twelve, three, and nine too. From our security optimization platform to our deep partnership with the Center for Threat-Informed Defense to our free, award-winning cybersecurity Academy, we help you find security gaps and prioritize strategies to set your organization up for success.

It’s about being ready.


Assume breach. The attack is coming.

It is not a question of if but when an attacker will break past your perimeter defenses and target the data inside your network. Adopt a mindset that assumes breach—and then use known attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures to develop your defenses. The MITRE ATT&CK® framework is your official attacker blueprint—taking the guesswork out of determining how and where an adversary will attack. A globally-accessible table of adversarial TTPs, ATT&CK helps your organization prepare your cyberdefenses against the most pervasive threat actors.

Discover how to focus your defenses on known adversary behavior via the MITRE ATT&CK framework and increase your cybersecurity effectiveness.

“Using the Security Optimization Platform is like having an extra person on staff to do whatever penetration testing we need.”


Build a validated zero trust architecture.

With enough time, people, and resources, intruders will succeed in breaching your cyberdefenses. To combat attacks, security teams need to invest in controls that will stop adversaries from slipping through the cracks and limit the spread of breaches. One clear path to success is deploying a validated zero trust architecture that is automatically tested in a continuous fashion to ensure effectiveness.

The AttackIQ platform tests and validates all of the components of any architecture, emulating advanced persistent threats at scale, safely, and in a production environment to mirror real-world threat behaviors.

What does zero trust look like in practice?

“The more I see of the AttackIQ solution, the more impressed I am. Its integration with MITRE ATT&CK allows us to take a real-world attack scenario, understand each of the attack’s components, and then unit-test those individual components in our environment.”


Check your blind spots.

AttackIQ built the industry’s first breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform for continuous, automated security control validation. Using automated insights, cybersecurity teams can be confident that their defenses are working to protect their data, key missions, and business processes. We also have the only adversary emulation architecture built to test artificial intelligence and machine learning-based cyberdefense technologies in production, while emulating comprehensive, multi-stage attacks. With this performance data, security leaders in the public and private sector can adjust failing programs, identify gaps and areas of investment, and measure their program effectiveness overall.

Learn how the AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform emulates adversary campaigns to improve your cybersecurity readiness.

“AttackIQ has helped us drive our cybersecurity program to be more predictive and preventative. Quantifying your cybersecurity in this way is a must for any organization. Whatever your level of maturity in cybersecurity, you have to assess yourself. You need to understand your capabilities at the level AttackIQ makes possible, in order to have your people, processes, and technologies prepared for advanced and emerging threats.”


Unite red and blue teams for purple team collaboration.

It’s the battle between camouflaged intruders and our cybersecurity professionals—in purple. Security teams today are moving from a siloed fortress approach, to a holistic, threat-informed defense strategy by creating purple teams—collaborative entities formed by blending red and blue tactics. AttackIQ helps you establish purple teaming operations so everyone’s focus is on the same mission, testing your defenses continuously and making adjustments to improve your readiness and resilience.

Get strategies to defend against intruders with a collaborative purple teaming approach.

“AttackIQ allows our team to continually validate existing penetration test scenarios while continually adding new knowledge for current and evolving threat-based scenarios. It is a powerful force multiplier for our red teams to use. This is a win-win for us and our financial services customers.”


Invest in operational resilience.

What if you have a defensive failure? You want to ensure that your business is resilient enough to continue operations in the event of a successful attack. Resilience is about setting impact tolerance, planning for disruption, and preparing — from the business-facing side of the organization all the way back to core infrastructure, such as your identity management system.

Hear the lively discussion on cybersecurity resilience from industry influencer Neal Bridges and CISO Clayton Chandler.

“In the face of increasing targeted threats against cities like ours, it became highly important to the city to better understand if our cybersecurity infrastructure could protect us against the most likely cyber threats we might face. AttackIQ’s platform has given us that increased visibility and allowed us to assess our risks in a highly objective and data-driven way.”


Ready for a wingman?

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