Why AttackIQ


You’ve bought and deployed plenty of security solutions but how do you know they are working as promised and over time with a changing internal and external threat landscape?

Been there. Done that. Which is why we created AttackIQ.

Our Story



AttackIQ exits from stealth mode

After more than two years working with hundreds of mid- to large-size enterprise and consulting, MSSP and VAR companies worldwide, the FireDrill platform is ready for reveal.


AttackIQ’s team grows in sales, marketing and development
AttackIQ expands on the on-premise deployment services offered with an SAAS version of its platform and starts providing service to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies.


AttackIQ’s technology is deployed in over 20 fortune 500 companies
Early adopters in the government, construction, finance and technology
space become proponents of FireDrill, benefiting
from it’s value and providing key insight in adding further
improvements. AttackIQ’s team doubles and expands its research and development.


AttackIQ launches, headquartered in San Diego, CA
After years of developing defensive technologies and consulting in the incident response, red teaming and traditional penetration testing space, the founders came together to form AttackIQ and change the way risk is addressed.

Our Mission: To challenge the existing security landscape and enable organizations to measure the resiliency and efficacy of their security posture, gain better visibility into their full IT security infrastructure, and make better, data-driven security decisions.

“For too long security has been a guessing game. It’s time for security testing to catch up to our needs as an industry and allow for constant, safe, and cost effective scenario creation that continuously holds security vendors and teams accountable.”
– Stephan Chenette, President and CEO

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