AttackIQ is defining the emerging space of continuous security validation. Community is a big part of the differentiated value that we bring to the industry, crowdsourced by the global security collective and trusted circles of security professionals communicating and sharing expertise. Cybercriminals share ideas, resources, tools, and tactics to leverage their combined experience for their own collective gain. In a fast-changing world, we believe that security defenders should have the capacity to pool their resources to keep pace.


What Community means to AttackIQ

AttackIQ has launched the first purpose-built Community for continuous security validation. Like-minded professionals and aspiring professionals can put their heads together to improve their collective defenses.


What is the AttackIQ Community?

The AttackIQ Community is a virtual gathering of some of the brightest minds in security, all open to learning and sharing what they know, with the common goal of improving defenses, regardless of industry or technical skill level. The Community uses the “wisdom of crowds” to stay one step ahead of cybercrime.


Why is the Community important? How does  it help companies to better secure their networks?

Community members share ideas, attack and validation scenarios, FireDrill product tips and tricks, and much more. Thier collective experience informs the Community of promising new ideas and proven best practices alike. Members often find that they have no need to reinvent the wheel because somebody in the Community already has solved the exact same security issue or problem that that are facing.


How does the Community help to change the security game?

Community crowd-sources security, leveraging the diverse talents and experiences of a vast collective of security professionals spanning numerous industries, all sharing a common open enterprise platform and a desire to gain the upper-hand against cybercrime.


Who should join the Community? What are the benefits of joining?

Anyone who is looking to improve the automated testing and validation of their complete security stack will benefit from the Community. Expand your technical skills, gain professional contacts, improve your security posture, and make a direct contribution to the fight against cybercrime!


What is different about the AttackIQ Community versus other security industry communities?

Many communities are “all talk, no action”. AttackIQ Community members can actually do something to improve their own security and share it others. They can leverage scenarios and run them right away, or modify them to suit their own needs, quickly evolving the use cases to meet a variety of security challenges.


What do Community Members receive?

Community Members receive the FireDrill Community Edition platform, access to the Community Repository, a library of Community Scenarios, a Community messaging platform, and the AttackIQ Knowledge Base.


How do I get involved in the AttackIQ Community?

Our Community is casual and welcoming, so just jump right in! Peruse the message boards, contribute to any discussion thread that strikes your interest, make new industry contacts, learn more about the FireDrill platform, have fun, and “Raise your AttackIQ!”


How do I get even more informed?

Want to be even more in the know about AttackIQ, FireDrill, and the emergence of automated security testing across the industry spectrum? If so, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. We’ve got some special surprises in store for you that are available only on these social networks.