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We watched the lack of strategic spending in IT security technology over the past decade combine with the rising value of information to create an enormous security gap. We recognized this gap could not be filled by simply adding more people and products to already burdened IT security infrastructures. There had to be a better way to handle cyber security threats, and we set out to find it.


AttackIQ was founded to bring assurance to security. With years of experience in the cyber-security industry, we saw the rising corporate cost of vulnerability and knew that the approach to IT Security needed to change. The existing protocols were based on too many assumptions, it was now time to give data-driven assurances to this billion dollar industry.


AttackIQ has created the first live IT accountability platform that continuously challenges your security assumptions, providing the data to accurately protect, detect and respond to cyber security threats.


AttackIQ is hiring for the following roles in their San Diego and San Francisco, CA offices, if interested, apply to jobs@attackiq.com:


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Perfect weather, the best beaches, vibrant and diverse high-tech economy, world-class universities, and unmatched craft beer scene (in our humble opinion) are just a few of the reasons San Diego is a great place to live.

No matter if you like the mountains, beach or desert, suburbs or city, once you join our team, we will help you find the right place in San Diego to live.